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The best of TV and Film

In light of the SFX awards (which is a sci-fi magazine) I thought I'd compile a list very similar with my tops in TV and film.
Best TV show
CAST: Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Katie McGrath, Angel Coulby, Anthony Head, Richard Wilson, Alex Vlahos, Rupert Young, Eion Macken and John Hurt.
Call the Midwife
Jessica Raine, Miranda Hart, Jenny Agutter, Pam Ferris, Judy Parfitt, Helen George, Bryony Hannah and Laura Main.
Downton Abbey
Maggie Smith, Hugh Boneville, Michelle Dockery, Jim Carter, Elizabeth McGovern, Laura Carmichael, Brendon Coyle, Phillis Logan, Dan Stevens, Joanne Froggatt and Rob James-Collier
The White Queen
Rebecca Ferguson, James Frain, Rupert Graves, Caroline Goodall, Amanda Hale, Max Irons, Ben Lamb, Michael Maloney, Faye Marsay, Aneurin Barnard, Eleanor Tomlinson and David Oakes
Doctor Who
Christopher Eccelston, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Billie Piper, Freema Agyeman, Catherine Tate, Karen Gillian, Arthur Darvil and Jenna-Louise Coleman.
Best Actor 
Colin Morgan (Merlin)
His role as Merlin was his first major part; he is a truly astonishing actor and will go extremely far in the future. He is able to play about fifty different emotions within a single scene. The last series of Merlin is possibly the most heartbreaking thing I have ever witnessed in my entire life all because Colin embodies Merlin to the point of heartbreak.
Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock)
Often referred to as the chameleon for his diversity and ability to make any role he plays unique and incredibly good. As Sherlock he is arrogant and has a very credible talent to speak extremely long dialogs very fast. (If you watch the show you'll understand what I mean).
Bradley James (Merlin)
Watching Arthur go from being an arrogant and spoilt prince in the first series to the Once and Future king was amazing to behold and Bradley couldn't have been a better choice for King Arthur. He and Colin Morgan also get along very well and have a brilliant chemistry on screen and off. 
Aneurin Barnard (The White Queen)
Aneurin really comes into his own in the last four or five episodes of The White Queen. He shows a lot of emotion on his face and is able to make you feel what he is feeling by a simple look in his eyes. I can’t wait to see him in more.
David Tennant (Doctor Who)
Of course I had to include my favourite Doctor on this list, David is able to show the Doctor in love, at war, troubled, happy, sad, worried, angry and I'm not even going to mention The End of Time episodes because his regeneration is ridiculously heart breaking "I don't want to go", no David I wish you hadn't either.
Best Actress
Katie McGrath (Merlin)
Katie shows Morgana's descend into evil in the best possible way. In the first series you love her and then as each series progresses you start to hate her more and more until you physically cannot stand her any longer. It takes great skill to be able to do that and do it well and Katie handles it all with ease.
Maggie Smith (Downton Abbey)
Arguably one of the greatest British actresses that has ever lived. If Maggie Smith is in something you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be worth watching. In Downton Abbey she is a hilarious snob and shows what the first class from that age really acted like.
Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones)
Despite the fact that I don't love Game of Thrones that doesn't mean to say that I don't love Emilia Clarke. She is literally the best character and it perplexes me why they don't show more of her on the show. She's the type of character that is a feminists dream.
Miranda Hart (Call the Midwife)
Despite the fact that Miranda Hart is originally a comedian as Chummy she is brilliant and you get to see how much of a good actress Hart actually is. What's even better is that despite the fact that in Call the Midwife she doesn't try to be funny she is even funnier.
Amanda Hale (The White Queen)
She plays the Red Queen in the White Queen and she plays the slightly deranged woman with huge skill because as much as you may not support her cause you cannot deny that she is a determined, pious woman. 

Best film
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
This is the film that sparked the already growing Harry Potter franchise. This film is the perfect exam of the absolute crème de la crème of British film making and acting. The best of British and obviously its based from the most successful children’s book in years.
Despicable Me
This is the perfect family film and that is why it is not only included in this list but the best-animated film list as well. Its good for everyone and every member of the family can take something away from it. It’s heartwarming, funny and just simply brilliant.
Cool Runnings
An old classic really, it showcases the determination, hard work and sportsmanship that are required for any competitor in the Olympics. It’s a hilarious and witty film about working hard to beat your dreams and not letting anything get in your way.
Twilight Tower of Terror
This isn't a popular film, so much so that I cant even buy it on DVD for my region (urgh why) and have to watch it on VHS instead. The infamous ride at all the Disney parks are based from this film and the film is whilst old now still a brilliant film that is always in my top five.
The Amazing Spider-Man
Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone breathe a new ray of life into the Spider-man franchise (At least in my opinion). The story stays pretty true to the comics and I always see myself remembering bits that I read when I was younger. I cannot wait to see the second installment.
Best Actor
Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter)
Considering that Daniel was only a child when he got the part of the infamous boy wizard, he has continually improved and grown up with us. Having to deal with having one of the biggest franchises in the world on your shoulders is no mean feat, but he manages marvelously and really brings to life my favourite fictional character.
Ralph Fiennes (Harry Potter)
The villain that haunted my childhood was a role that couldn't be played but just anyone and Ralph Fiennes brings so much to He Who Must Not Be Named that he is frankly terrifying. You only need to watch the bonus features on the discs to see how much he cares about how Voldemort was portrayed in the films.
Warrick Davies (Harry Potter)
Warrick Davies is another of Britain's finest actors and actresses, if he is in something; you just know it’s going to be good. He has managed to turn what some would call a disadvantage into an absolutely multi-million pound advantage.
Robert Downey JR (The Avengers - Iron Man)
Robert Downey JR completely embodies Iron Man and brings the emotion and physicality that is needed for such a big role. He is hilarious and brings light to dark situations. Super actor and brilliant superhero.
Tom Hiddleston (The Avengers - Loki)
One of my favourite Marvel villains I'm not sure why but he sends shivers down my spine in a way that the others simply cannot. He is clever, devious and completely deranged and Hiddleston plays him to perfection.
Best Actress
Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games)
It’s a hard role to play when the character you're taking over is a heroine to many but Jennifer Lawrence handles it with ease and grace. She has remained down to earth despite her huge successes in the recent years and she's not even 25 yet. So I don't know about Katniss being my role model I think Jennifer does that all by herself!
Maggie Smith (Harry Potter)
There’s nothing else to say that I haven't already said, but with such a class actress as Maggie Smith it was only right that she was included in both film and TV. McGonagall is a teacher you love but certainly wouldn't want to mess with.
Emma Watson (Harry Potter)
Like with Dan Emma was only a child when she got the role of Hermione but her talent was strong right from the start. She has cemented the love for Hermione and has given millions of young (and old) girls a smart girl who doesn't rely on her looks to look up to.
Scarlett Johansson (The Avengers)
She's the only female superhero in a group of males so for that reason I think its only fair that she is included on here. She is a total badass not only as the Black Widow but as herself as well.
Anne Hathaway (Les Miserables)
Anne Hathaway is breathtaking in Les Mis, her Oscar speaks for itself but honestly she is a flawless actress. She was also in the Princess Diaries which (despite the fact you will deny it) is an awesome film. So it just shows how diverse she is because she can be in a silly teen movie to a completely heartbreaking musical, doesn't get much different than that!
Best Animated Film
Based on the famous Rapunzel fairytale however, this is a brand new take on it. Its funny, cute and pretty fulfilling. Pascal and Max the horse are very welcome additions to the storyline, another Disney classic!
Toy Story
This has to be on best-animated film lists because it is one of the best works of my generation. It is another that makes you happy and reflective, oh and also who doesn't love the thought of all of your toys actually being alive?
Finding Nemo
This film is a heartwarming tale about a fathers love for a son and how he will literally go to the ends of the ocean to find him. If that doesn't sound like a premise to a brilliant film to you then you're sorely mistaken.
Monsters INC
This is the type of Disney film that can be for all ages. Everyone will enjoy and the storyline is hilarious but as with all Disney films they all have a secret message behind them that makes you think. This film never gets old and Monsters University is one of the only sequels (along with Toy Story) that hasn't ruined the franchise but enhanced it.
One of the newest in Disney releases; I like that Merida isn't your stereotypical princess and she is independent and strong willed, whilst she is obviously still a child and makes a few silly mistakes (Come on, Merida, never trust a witch!) its an excellent film with phenomenal animation.
Most Cinematically Pleasing Film
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 1
The first Harry Potter film away from Hogwarts but that certainly doesn't take away from the spellbinding views and locations that they used to film.
As mentioned in the previous list Brave is a fantastic example of a human mind (and hand), they created enchanting scenery by the flick of the hand to leave you mesmerised by the view.
The Hunger Games
The arena itself is in a forest and the Districts are something else to behold. Whilst it isn't the prettiest of sceneries, the locations that they used add to the films ambience tenfold.
Again as with Brave, these two films really show just how ridiculously talented Disney animators are. It seems ridiculous that you can be amazed by places that aren't actually real.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
In the light of the TriWizard Tournament there are several new locations, some enhanced by CGI and others actual locations but none more beautiful than the other and of course any view of the Hogwarts castle has me wishing I were there.
Sexiest Male
Colin Morgan (Merlin)
Alex Vlahos (Merlin)
Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter)
Bradley James (Merlin)
Aneurin Barnard (The White Queen)
Tom Hiddleston (The Avengers)
Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock)
Most Attractive Female
Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games)
Katie Mcgrath (Merlin)
Emma Watson (Harry Potter)
Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones)
Right thats it for my awards this year and bloody hell that took far longer to write than I anticipated, but oh well! 

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