Sunday, 1 September 2013

Cardiff Comic Con and Meeting Alex Vlahos

Today I went with my friend Molly to Cardiff Comic Con. Truth be told I was only going because of Alex Vlahos and wasn't holding out much hope for the actual convention. However, the convention itself was absolutely incredible and so much fun. There were loads of stalls selling postcards, badges, posters, wrist bands, you name it they sold it with Doctor Who to The Hunger Games to Game of Thrones to The Avengers to Harry Potter and so much more. My self and Molly spent ridiculous amounts of money but it was totally worth it.

We queued to get Alex Vlahos' autograph and we had a small conversation: I was so shocked by how nice he is and was a little bit speechless for a while so thank God for Molly, however, after I got some courage I spoke to him and gave him a letter with some sweets in it, he got quite excited about the sweets, haha.

We shopped around for a while more until we literally had about £1 between us and queued to get our photos with Alex, it was pretty quick and so I am really glad we queued up to meet him before so at least we got a conversation with him. He was so lovely and funny and I honestly cant believe how brilliant he is. So I'm going to stop now before I gush too much but overall I had an amazing day and my room is looking even more fandomy than before, which I didn't even think was possible, but there we go.

*Sadly I am going back to school tomorrow and that means summer is obviously over and so I will be posting less frequently.*

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