Wednesday, 21 August 2013

GCSE results

As you may know if you live in the UK tomorrow (22nd August) all of the thousands of teenagers who sat their GCSEs will be picking up their results: myself included. To say that I am nervous would be an exaggeration of the highest level. I was fine (well I say fine if you can say that not being able to sleep and having very vivid dreams about failure is fine) until I watched the news and they said that "GCSE results this year are significantly lower than previously due to examiners marking papers more harshly". Well thats just great, thanks for telling me that when I am already a bundle of nerves, is it really necessary?

Its no wonder that so many people my age are having breakdowns over things like results, not only do we have the massive pressure that several single letters can completely change our lives and will impact us forever in whatever we want to do, but then you have high nosed people making things ten times worse than it needs to be. At least give us some hope that we have passed rather than squish it before we even know the results ourselves.

Then not only do we have people in high places complaining, but we have those who are older than us telling us that GCSEs are not important and that A-Levels are harder etc. Well yes I am perfectly aware that A-Levels are harder, thats obvious, a monkey could work that out, but at the time you found GCSEs hard as well. I also would count all my chickens that you were just as nervous as I or anyone my age when you were picking up your results, so why don't you stop complaining and shut up.

So thats my small rant and I have everything crossed that I have got the grades that I want and that what they are saying is not as true as they say.

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