Friday, 16 August 2013

Thoughts on fans who take it too far

Don't get me wrong the thrill of meeting one of your favourite celebrities is a feeling like no other but it is pretty odd when you think about it. These people that we get ridiculously excited to meet are just that, people. They were just average Joe's before their big break and they too probably had a list of people they wanted to meet and probably still do despite the fact that they are a star in their own right.

It makes me wonder how mad it must be for that specific celebrity to think that there are hundreds, thousands, possibly even millions of people who would do just about anything to meet them. I wonder what it is in the human brain that makes the idea of meeting a celebrity so amazing? What makes that specific person stick out from all of the other thousands of celebrities? I suppose we will never know. I know whenever celebrities are asked what they think about fans wanting to meet them, they often answer with its "best not to think about it" or "its completely crazy" or something along those lines.

Some celebrities that I want to talk about are the members from One Direction and Justin Bieber or more specifically their fans. *Obviously I am just generalising here and I am by no means saying that all fans are like this (I myself am a massive fangirl, not of these people but of others, and therefore can vouch for the fact not everyone is like this) but the fact remains that there are some who take things way too far.* So lets start with Bieber: I'm pretty sure we all remember the whole #cutforbieber incident but if you're not it was basically the small minority of the Bieber fandom going into meltdown over the fact that Justin had smoked some weed (I know shock horror), and for some bizarre reason his fans thought the best way for him to stop smoking the substance was to cut themselves. No I know, I too don't understand why that would be deemed a logical way of getting someone who you have never met before to stop smoking weed either, but hay ho thats what they did and as far as I can remember someone died because of it. Imagine that celebrity knowing that they were the cause of that death, knowing that they literally hold the lives of some people in their hands. Do you really think that that celebrity is going to thank you for that insane pressure you're putting into their hands?

For the record most fans aren't as crazy as this and therefore that isn't a thought that most celebrities have to deal with, but I thought I'd address it anyway, seeing as apparently some fans think killing themselves is the best way to get noticed by their favourite.

There are countless other incidents that I could use that includes Bieber fans but this isn't a personal vendetta against them, so I will move on to One Direction fans. As of last night channel four released a documentary about One Direction fans, I haven't seen it myself as I cant stand watching things with people completely having a breakdown of tears in front of said celebrity whilst they stand over and watch you make a prat of yourself, so for that reason I gave it a miss. However, according to Twitter it made a lot of One Direction fans very mad, so mad in fact that fans who 'shipped' (wanted two people to get into a relationship) Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, 42 of them have killed themselves because of the documentary. Obviously I am really hoping that this isn't true because if it is then well I think I give up all hope for humanity, or at least question the teenagers in my generation.

I don't understand how fans of these two examples in particular literally would give up their life because of something that the celebrity that they 'love' have done and/or said. NO NO NO NO NO, please stop it. After all these people who you idolise, yes they may be wonderfully talented and ridiculously attractive but that does not mean it is okay to think of your life as being so insignificant that you would throw it away because of their actions: they are only human. Something that I think some fans really need to remember. Especially when it comes to boybands or male singers, they aren't going to be around forever (well unless you're the Beatles, which I can assure you One Direction are not) and soon enough you will grow out of this phase and find others that you will swear to love for the rest of eternity (until the next one comes along).

So those who would class themselves as a fan of something, just remember, you are just a fan, sometimes even if you do kill yourself that celebrity won't even notice it and then what would you have died for? Nothing, instead you have left your parents childless and brokenhearted. (Its extreme and a little harsh, I'll grant you that, but apparently some fans just don't get that wanting to kill yourself over someone you don't know is completely mad). So continue to be a fan, but just please for your sake as well as your families sake, know when to stop.

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