Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Teachers and students

Obviously high school is a horrible time for all of us and if you have had or are having a good experience then you my friend are one of the lucky ones. Now, let me paint you a pretty picture of my personality when I am in school; I am extremely shy and quiet when in classrooms with people who are not my friends. I only have a small group of friends and would really rather not venture outside of that confinement, so therefore you can call me an introvert. I am conscientious about homework and school work and in my entire school life I have only missed about three pieces of homework, I get good grades but hardly ever put my hand up in class because of social anxiety: I am what you call a typical nerd. Right, now that's out of the way, I am going to tell you a few experiences I have had in high school.

In year seven (so about 11-12), despite what I said in the first paragraph, in year seven I was confident and had a lot of friends (yep, miss popular over here) and I didn't really care about answering back to teachers. However, this time in science a girl who had some sort of learning difficulty was playing with the splint I used to light the Bunsen burner, as myself and my group were doing the experiment that we were told to do, she was lighting and re-lighting the splint. We ignored it for a while until she dropped it on my foot; so obviously we all told her to stop playing with fire or someone would get hurt. She then cried and went off to her helper, who was literally like Satan in a woman's body, lets call her Mrs B. Mrs B then started shouting at me for telling this girl off then my actual teacher came over and starting tell me off as well. So obviously I was pretty pissed off at the fact that I had done nothing wrong and I was getting screamed at, so I answered back, I think I said something along the lines of "If anyone else was playing with fire and it landed on someone's foot, you'd be having a go at them, but just because its **** you think its okay to have a go at me" he then literally screamed at me to shut up. What was great though was that my entire class started having a go at my science teacher and saying that he was being harsh towards me (real sense of community when teenagers join together to prove teachers wrong). I ended up getting detention because I had proved him wrong and he couldn't take it. I hasten to add that this was my first and my last ever detention I had throughout my school life, so that just shows you how much of an idiot that teacher was being.

Also in year seven, a boy in my form was a complete and utter prat to me. I wouldn't say he bullied me but he wasn't the nicest to me and often remarked on my weight (I hadn't lost my puppy fat then and I was still much shorter than everyone else and so I looked a bit like a gnome), my eyes and how big my nose was and that I got spots, unfortunately I was one of those teenagers that got bad spots early on in puberty (they're not so bad now, thank god) but hardly anyone one else in my classes was going through this stage and so he always made fun of me for it. Although on a side note: karma is a bitch and he ended up getting extremely severe acne a year or so later which was much worse than what I ever had. However, back on point, he carried on with this annoying nitpicking at me for the first term of year seven, the only reason that he stopped was when he saw me talking to my big brother, who at the time was in year 11 and was 6ft2 which was very intimidating to us little year sevens. After he saw me with my brother he never said another bad word to me ever again; it just shows you how ridiculous boys can be at this age, just ignore them and if that doesn't work get your big brother to stand next to you.

Now, after year seven our form got split up and you start getting set, I was in really good sets but that meant that I was with none of my friends, so I had to make new ones and this unfortunately was when I started to become shy and introverted and gradually as I have gotten older its getting worse, which is the most annoying thing in the world. However, this has created some pretty interesting school experiences, but for the benefit of this post not getting to long, they will be shared another day.

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