Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Who-Ology book review

First of all: if you are any sort of Doctor Who fan then buy this immediately. This book is full to the brim with facts, figures and funny quips from all 50 years of Who. For someone who is a fan of the show but doesn't have access to the older Doctor Who episodes, this book enables you to get closer to the past regenerations and learn just as much as if you were to watch the episodes.

 I'm going to let it speak for itself and show you a few pictures from the book.

It goes through all eleven Doctors and gives you general facts about each man. Including what they did before Who, date of birth, first and last regular episode of Who, etc.

This was interesting because it shows you exactly who is in his family and for a man who thinks he's alone he certainly has a decent size family. 

This is my favourite page in the book: it shows you all of the first and last words from the Doctor, I personally think that these two sentences from each magnificent Doctor captures their personality and the way the captured and made their Doctor different from the others extremely well.

So there are a few pictures of pages from the book; but so as not to spoil it completely for you, I will give you the advice to go out and get it straight away. It also would make a pretty amazing present for any Who fan: past or present.

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