Saturday, 15 June 2013

Alex Vlahos tweeted me and My sixteenth birthday

Yesterday (14/06) was my birthday and I turned sixteen; so obviously I did what any person who has just turned 16 does and brought my first lottery ticket (fingers crossed, it gets drawn tonight so I may be a millionaire by morning) and signed up for internet banking. Also I am now eligible to go on Jeremy Kyle if you know the need should ever arise. (This is of course always greeted by a very worried look that people think I am being serious. No I can ashore you I'd rather chop my fingers off than go on there. Anyway, I think you have to have no teeth or greasy hair to even be allowed in the first place.) I thought I would show you some of the things I got for my birthday *I am not trying to show off or whatever but I got some really cool things and would like to show them*

I got these two little boxes with a figure of Hedwig and a Time Turner necklace. These are part of a set you can buy because I have a Snitch made by the same company but got it about a year ago now. They are really affordable too which is always a bonus.

I thought this was really cool: its called a Desktop Aquarium and it came in a little box with all of the stuff you see and you just add water. It comes with a little red wand type thing with a magnet that makes it look as though the fish are swimming. This is funny because I have always wanted fish in my room since I was little and so this was my mum's compromise.

I also got a few books and DVDs which is always welcomed. From left to right...
1. Call the Midwife boxset (Series 1,2 and Christmas special) and book
2. Downton Abbey A Journey to the Highlands Christmas Special
3. Sims 3 University Life
4. The Bling Ring
5. Game of Thrones
6. Gone Girl
I also got this set of books by Michael Grant and I just thought that they deserved their own picture because the edges of the pages are multicoloured and that excites me very much. (the simple things in life)

So they were my favourite presents that I received, I also have Who-ology as well but there was a problem with the postage but that hasn't arrived yet but once it does I'll probably do a review or something. I also obviously got my Colin Morgan cut out which is standing tall and very gorgeous next to me.

So today, (15/06) Alex Vlahos who you may or may not know is one of my favourite actors and he plays Mordred in Merlin (I am also dying for him to become the Doctor- read why here) was holding a Twitter Q and A to say thank you for the amount of money raised on his Kickstarter page. I obviously joined in and so did my friend Molly and eventually a few attempts later he actually replied to me. 

When I say I was happy, I don't think you understand. I saw it, I screamed, my mum nearly crashed the car because she wondered what was going on and my brother was looking and me as if I was crazy because I was shaking and laughing and crying all at the same time. Its amazing that it literally only took him probably like one minute to write that tweet but he has honestly made my birthday and made me an extremely happy girl. So now all that's left of my day is to feel somewhat guilty about not revising for my maths exam, eat some Colin the Caterpillar cake and play on Sims 3 University, oh and tell everyone who has ears about Alex tweeting me.


  1. I really like the coloured sides on the books in the Gone series. I'm trying to find them to buy, but they are hard to find when you dint know the ISBN-number. Could you please give me the ISBN number on the Micheal Grant books?

    1. Sure, book one's ISBN number is 9781405242356, but if that fails I think Waterstones are selling them with the coloured sides :)

  2. Thank you! Haha I live in Sweden so it's kind of hard visting them ;)

    1. But I added the book you gave the number on to my wishlist on Bookdepository! :)

  3. I LOVE your Gone editions. I am from Holland, but I read English books as well. I have the first book of the series, with the coloured pages, and I'd like to have the other books from the series with te colours as well! Could you tell me if the ISBN form your editions is different from the ISBN of the books without the colours. And if that is true, could you tell me the ISBN's of the books you have? If you prefer to mail, here's my address:
    I hope you can help me, as I really enjoyed reading the first book of Gone!