Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Universities and the Future

Who ever came up with the idea that we have to chose our entire futures before we are even sixteen was stupid, very, very, very stupid.

I am currently in year 11 and fifteen years old, I most certainly do not feel old enough to be doing GCSEs let alone thinking about what I want to choose for A-Levels and also in short deciding what kind of university course I want to do and how many UCAS points I need to be able to further my studies. It's completely crazy! I'm pretty sure that the majority of teenagers my age go through this exact or similar feeling of feeling like a very small fish in an extremely big pond. 

I had a careers interview today and a sixth form parents evening thing last night, seeing all of the information that they threw at us and the options form for the subjects we want to continue with next year was extremely overwhelming and made me panic slightly. It suddenly became very real that in fact I am considered old enough to make these decisions and whether I'm ready or not I will have to decide soon enough what I want to do with my life, and pray that everything will work out and be okay. 

But right now I am just going to focus on passing my GCSEs and decide what I want to do on results day.... fun times lie ahead for me.....

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