Saturday, 2 February 2013

20 Random Facts About Me

  1. I have an absolutely massive phobia of dogs, so bad that I cannot go near one, it is also one of the things that I hate most about myself.
  2. My ultimate aim in education as of now is to get a B in maths GCSE
  3. It takes a while for me to class you as a friend, but once I have I will do anything to protect/defend you.
  4. On Pottermore I was sorted into Ravenclaw
  5. I have written to JK Rowling but I only got a standard reply, however, she did sign it so it is one of my most prized possessions.
  6. I have dyed my hair red, dark brown, black and even had dip dye but today I have returned to my natural colour
  7. My ultimate goal in life is to become a freelance journalist or writer 
  8.  I am so proud of my brother and would regard him as one of my biggest influences (I would never tell him that though, haha)
  9. I am extremely close to my family and I tell my mum anything, I'm not afraid to ask her questions that most people would find embarrassing to ask 
  10. I have a hamster called Fred, I used to have one called George who sadly died with kidney problems in September, despite their names they are both female. Fred is the most spoilt hamster in the world so much so that I cannot get her anything else from Pets at Home because I already have all of it!
  11. I was named after Jane Austen's novel 'Emma' my dad chose it because he studied it for his A-Level literature and is one of his favourite books.
  12. I am most like my dad in terms of temperament and personality and many say that we are like two peas in a pod.
  13. I have a thing for men with dark hair and prominent cheekbones (e.g. Daniel Radcliffe and Colin Morgan) 
  14. My least favourite doctor who companion is Martha Jones, she tries way too hard flirting with The Doctor when he is very clearly still not over Rose. Rose is my favourite, followed by Donna.
  15. I plan to get a tattoo when I am sixteen of a Mickey Mouse outline on my foot, its going to be really small but I've wanted it for ages and I can't wait, I'm so excited. I also want to get The Deathly Hallows symbol somewhere on my body, but I will wait until I'm abit older for that one.
  16. For A-Level I plan on studying English Literature, English Language, History and Welsh
  17. Although I have no idea what kind of degree I want to major in when I get to university.
  18. I am the worst person ever to watch a horror film with because when I get scared my arms just flail around and I end up hurting people. Also I put a scarf on my head so that I can hide my face. You've been warned!
  19. I want a kitten/cat more than anything else in the world, especially a ginger cat.
  20. I have approximately 20 posters I love collecting therm, they all include Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Ed Sheeran, Brave and The Beatles

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