Thursday, 15 August 2013

How I Met Your Mother TV SHOW REVIEW

Yes, I know, I am late (very, very late) to the party but I have recently started watching How I Met Your Mother (or as I shall now call it for the advantage of this post HIMYM). Yeah, I had seen episodes before now on and off but I hadn't really watched it, until I was stuck down my Nan's house with no internet and very few channels available. I have brought the first and second series on DVD and I pretty much watched the entire first series in one night. It reminds me a lot of Friends, I think that that is what they based it on to be honest.

It follows the life of Ted Moseby telling his children about how he met their mother, it is described as a love story in reverse. It doesn't just follow Ted's life though it follows the lives of his four other friends, Lily, Marshall, Robin and Barney. It's hard to say who is my favourite character because they all have their qualities and disadvantages.

I believe that there are eight series and that the eighth is the final series and the identity of Ted's wife. Although I don't think that this is the best programme in the world, certainly not, but it is a show that I enjoy, its warmhearted, simple and exactly the type of thing that I like to have on in the background when I am doing homework or writing blog posts etc. So yeah, if you're late to the party as well then I'd recommend you watch it if you love Friends, you probably wont love it as much but you will certainly enjoy it.

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