Monday, 24 June 2013

The Complete Harry Potter Film Music Collection CD review!

I am arguably one of the biggest Harry Potter fans that I know and I'm not sure many would dispute with me there, so it therefore seemed almost like a crime that I did not own a CD with the soundtrack from one of the most iconic franchises of our generation. I decided that the best thing to do what to get a CD that had the most popular and iconic tracks first and then possibly buy others from the individual films, so after stumbling across this CD completely by accident I made the purchase and within a few days it was at my doorstep.
The tracks on the CD are split 8 ways so each film has its own individual section and there is 34 songs in all on two CDs. What's interesting is that when I was listening to it in the car with my mum, she did not know the names of the tracks but for the most part could tell you where each track is played in each film; this just shows how iconic and brilliant these pieces of music really are. They tell the story remarkably well and in my opinion Harry Potter has the best soundtrack in modern day films because it is all completely original and all completely made for specific parts of the film, which helps the watcher feel more connected and invested in the scene.
The Complete Harry Potter Film Music Collection 
preformed by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra 

I'm sorry the picture quality is not amazing but if you would like to see a better list of the tracks on the CD click here

All in all my absolute favourite tracks are of course the infamous Hedwig's Theme, Leaving Hogwarts and Lily's Theme (which always makes me cry).
I do not have a least favourite track because this CD is truly a masterpiece only reminiscent to the incredible legacy of the Harry Potter franchise. A must have for all Potter fans.

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