Monday, 10 June 2013

My week in pictures

I'm sorry but I have serious writers block because I think my brain is going into meltdown with the amount of exams and revision I have done. Still, only four more to go and its my birthday this week as well!

1. I made some cakes for my Nan's birthday. (Vanilla: her favourite)
2. I found my name! There is something very satisfying about drinking some Diet Coke with your name on it.
3. Cakes after being iced and decorated. They went down a treat!
4. Revision will be the death of me
5. My new favourite app at the moment: Sims Freeplay. I wouldn't recommend it if you have exams like myself because you will get addicted and revision will be put behind you.
6. Nothing makes me happier than new books, I cant wait to get my teeth into these
7. I have started re-watching Merlin again and am already on series 4 (I only started last Monday, woops)
8+9. I decorated my hamsters cages with some stickers. They are very pleased I'm sure. The blue one is Merlin and Arthur's cage but I cant seem to find Merlin stickers anywhere so they had to settle for Doctor Who and Fred's cage is called the Burrow (she shared it with my other little hamster George) and so she gets Harry Potter stickers. 

So as you can see I am doing everything possible to procrastinate revision but on the 17th they will all be over 10 down 4 to go. So not long until my super duper long summer holiday! 

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