Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A day filled with Colin Morgan

So today I had my last but one exam: an exam that I was not looking forward to at all. So I was feeling pretty crap and nervous. After my exam had finished I was feeling a bit rubbish because as expected it didn't go amazingly well but I spotted my friend Nicole. I said hello but I was confused because, I didn't know why she was in school when she didn't have an exam; anyway we carried on walking and just around the corner was Molly with a huge Colin Morgan cardboard cut out with a birthday girl sash on it. I was so, so, so surprised and I'm pretty sure that everyone who was leaving the exam was wondering what the hell was going on.
As you can see from the picture above I was still in shock as we were walking away, haha. Honestly as cringey and soppy as it sounds I was so completely bowled over because I had never actually been surprised like that before and it was amazing. So thank you to Molly, Nicole and Shannon! I now have a very delightful looking Colin Morgan in my bedroom. (Never thought I'd say that) 

So not only did I have my cardboard cut out, my dad came home from work with a small present for me. One of his workmates had mentioned earlier in the week that he was selling some book and seeing as my dad is an avid book collector he asked if he could look through it. Lo and behold this little gem was in the pile and of course my dad picked it up to give to me.

Obviously because it is an activity book the puzzles had already been completed but there was still a whole two pages of unused stickers and plenty of Merlin pictures in the book. So I got my scissors and glue and cut out my favourite pictures in the book and was able to make a little collage of them all.

I still have a few of the larger ones as you can see around the edge that I will put up separately because they are big enough and I still have my stickers. This pleases me greatly because its really hard to find decent Merlin posters and so what's better than making your own? Its not often I am Picasso but when I am I really am. Haha.

If only every day was a day when people showered me in gifts with Colin Morgan on them... (a girl can dream, hahaha)

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