Thursday, 6 June 2013

YouTube is taking over the world

YouTube has recently broken away from funny cat videos to a way of actually earning a very decent living. With the YouTube community growing by the day and more and more channels being set up to achieve this dream you must ask yourself this: where did it all come from? And do these so called creators deserve the insane perks that they receive?

Whether you are making vlogs (video blogs), videos about make-up, singing videos or whatever else takes your fancy, one thing is clear: if you make good content or are attractive get ready for the big bucks. If you can get the balance right then you could be earning an estimated £100,000 per annum, although this figure could be more or less than the actual amount and is just an estimate after doing some research. Unless you are part of the YouTube partner scheme (which you are eligible for after you have passed 3000+ subscribers and once you have signed up, advertisers can then advertise on your videos and channel and that is how you make the money) they are very quiet about the sum of money that they receive. Although it must be substantial enough for the majority of them to have no other job except YouTube. 

We also know that YouTubers can make enough to purchase houses as told to the viewer on one of Charlie 
McDonnell (charlieissocoollike) videos, he stated that the money he has received from his videos has enabled him to put a mortgage down on a house. Bare in mind that Charlie has had no other job and began making videos as a teenager, so has had no other income. Charlie has recently surpassed 2,000,000 subscribers and he barely posts a video every month, yes, his content is good but how come he gets all of this by doing hardly anything?

Inside of this huge community you have a bunch of them who have hit the big time in terms of YouTube fame. They all of course know each other; probably through their swanky gatherings or conventions which always seem to be held for them. All of them have over 100,000 subscribers and that number is growing constantly.

So what is so appealing about sitting in front of a camera and getting subscribers? Well to be perfectly honest I can't see hardly any drawbacks to it: It is literally the dream job. You not only get to work from home, you get sent free stuff from companies to try out and review, you get invited to VIP events and red carpets and you get paid probably more than an average 9-5 worker for doing about 90% less work; you don't even have to have any qualifications. The only very minor drawback is that you can get some hate on the videos you create however, the thousands of fans that you have will completely heckle that person anyway. 

The thing that I find amazing these days is that YouTubers are actually treated like celebrities. Tayna Burr (pixi2woo) held a gathering and actually had to leave because of the enormity of the people that came along, security had to escort her out. What? Why? that's ridiculous she is a normal person literally like you and me. So for them to be getting the same treatment as celebrities is a little ridiculous. 

Dan and Phil (danisnotonfire and amazingphil) now have a regular slot on a prime time radio show on BBC radio one. Two YouTubers from the USA Elle and Blair Fowler (allthatglitters21 and juicystar07) have had a two book deal, a phone line, a make-up line, a clothing line and a shoe line all because they make videos. Normal people have to work damn hard to get all of that and it seems to me as if YouTubers are just handed that on a plate. They don't have any more talent than anyone else but because they have a successful channel they can get into all of this despite having no training, qualifications or even aptitude for the task, it's another case of celebrity syndrome and just want you for your name, but then to the general public who are older than 30 and don't watch YouTube they are nobodies. I am not disputing that they may work hard once they have gotten into their projects but then shouldn't they have had to work just as hard if not harder to get into the actual project? 

I understand that there is a lot more to making a video than just sitting in front of a camera, but some YouTubers now have the arrogance to actually employ someone to edit their videos for them? Excuse you but how tenacious can you get? You don't do anything else in the day except make a video so don't take it for granted and do your own dirty work. Also, when YouTubers complain that they are stressed? I'm sorry my dear, but I don't think you quite realise what stress is, when you get the luxury of having completely flexible hours, a job doing something you enjoy, a job that you have total control over,  a job with good money, need I go on? I'm not sure that you are in significant position to complain about being stressed.

Only last week a group of British YouTubers got to go on a tour to the Harry Potter Studio Tour completely for free, had goodie bags and even had a free hotel with free food all thrown in as well. Why? Some of them didn't even like Harry potter, so why not give something like that to fans who love it and will in short get more joy out of it? This doesn't just go for YouTubers but celebrities as well; why give them stuff just because of who they are?

Another thing, it seems to me that if you are attractive (especially if you're a boy) you will go far on YouTube even if you make rubbish content. So get an attractive face and then you will be partying with the big boys soon enough.

Although I have been extremely negative in this post I will still continue to watch their content because it can be entertaining and sometimes, more often than not better than TV but I know that someone who is reading this post may think that I am being jealous: maybe I am. However, I still believe that YouTube shouldn't give creators enough money that it is their sole work as it belittles the work that others without YouTube channels have to put in to get to where they are. Or perhaps this might be a brand new way and quick slide to get into fame? Who knows? Only time will tell. I suppose if you are lucky enough to be the minority that have hundreds of thousands of subscribers you should be patted on the back because clearly I am missing something that should allow you to make such massive revenue from it.

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