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Favourite fictional characters from Harry Potter - Part 1

When I was writing my favourite fictional character in books and another in film and tv I realised that a lot of my favourite characters are from Harry Potter and so I said in that post that I would create an entirely separate post on these characters so that I could have some difference. Sorry for the delay on this post, only I wanted to put a lot of effort into it and with my current situation, it has proved difficult and also this is a pretty hefty post to write.

Anyway, I have already listed why Harry and Hermione are my favourites in this post so check that and then return for the rest!

Ron Weasley, of course has to be up here, because without him there would be no 'Golden Trio'. I feel that in the Harry Potter films that Ron is somewhat over shadowed by Hermione and in the books this is certainly not the case. Ron is Harry's best friend, the first one that Harry turns to when he has a problem (which lets face it is extremely often). He is not perfect and is a jealous character but his loyalty is what shines the best in Ron. I love that he tells Harry when he's being an idiot, instead of just going along with whatever he does just  because he is the chosen one: Ron doesn't care about that stuff. He is really quick-witted and is completely hopeless. I just love him.

Fred and George Weasley, technically this counts as two but seeing as you can't have one without the other (well.........every situation. I also respect the fact that they saved their money and used their witty humours to create their own business and break away from the stereotype of the 'poor Weasleys'. I will never forgive JK Rowling for killing off Fred, if possible I think this might be the worst death ever (in the film at least) I physically cannot watch it without my heart ripping out of my chest)
. I love that despite everything that goes on throughout the books, Fred and George always remain a constant source of entertainment and laughter. They are fantastic and completely make the books, I love how mischievous they are and how they find the good in

(I also love these two so much that I named my own two little hamsters Fred and George and James Phelps actually tweeted me back when I sent him a picture of them both!!!)

Ginny Weasley, yep another Weasley. Now I am going to pretend like film Ginny was never invented because I just do not like the way she is written in the film, nope, nope absolutely not. Ginny in the books is a fearless, independent, slightly sassy, completely brilliant and smart character. Her relationship with Harry is brilliant and incredibly moving, she is solid rock for him through everything, it is not awkward at all. She has inherited some of Fred and George's complete regard of the rules if it means that you can do something good instead which inspires one of my favourite quotes "The thing about growing up with Fred and George is that you sort of start thinking anything's possible if you've got enough nerve."

Next up is of course Albus Dumbledore. No Harry Potter list could be made without including the most powerful wizard of all time could it? Absolutely not. I love that despite the fact that Dumbledore is probably the most powerful (good) wizard in the wizarding world he freely admits that even he makes mistakes and is getting old, I think that this helps him seem more real and more likeable. I for one would love to have him as my headteacher! I also find a lot of joy through Harry and his relationship, it is slightly strange for a normal headmaster and pupil, but then again they aren't really normal are they? Dumbledore also says my favourite quote of all time"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light".

Minerva McGonagall is probably the most badass woman I have ever read. I love her bravery which I suppose is an obvious character trait, as you don't get to be head of Gryffindor house for nothing! I admire that she would put her neck on the line if it meant any of her students would remain safe and I love that although she doesn't say it out loud and in so many words, her affection for Harry is clear and a huge rock for him, although she doesn't just do what it is right by Harry and it teaches him the lessons that need to be taught. I also applaud the fact that McGonagoll doesn't really care if you're pathetic like Neville and see can see the potential. It makes me happy when she says to Neville (regarding his timetable) "It's high time your grandmother learned to be proud of the grandson she's got, rather than one she thinks she ought to have- particularly after what happened at the Ministry".

Right now this is all the characters that I am going to do for now, but I will be writing another very shortly with some more of my favourite characters from Harry Potter!
But you can read why I love the franchise as a whole here

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  1. Awesome article! Do you think that they will remake the Harry Potter movies anytime soon?