Monday, 6 May 2013

Favourite actors, actresses, films, TV shows and books.

Favourite actors: 
  • Daniel Radcliffe
He brought to life my all time favourite fictional character and therefore he will always be a very special part in my heart. I also admire that although Harry Potter is over, he has continued to work and branch away from the franchise but still completely smashing everything that he does. 
  • Colin Morgan
The way that he puts so much emotion into every single thing that he does is incredible. I also really love his personality and I think he is just genuinely a nice guy. I don't think I could say enough good things about Colin. I would give anything to meet him face to face.

Favourite actresses:
  • Dame Maggie Smith
I simply cannot put into words how much I love Maggie Smith; not only is she Professor McGonagall another of my favourite literacy characters but her part as the Dowager Countess in Downton Abbey is brilliant, she takes such a brilliant part in the show and completely steals the lime light from every other character in the shot. I also seriously admire her so much, the fact that she carried on filming the Harry Potter films despite the fact that she had breast cancer, is something you really must tip your hat off to.
  • Jennifer Lawrence
Seriously though when have you ever seen a bad film that Jennifer Lawrence has been in? Never.
  • Emma Watson
She completely is Hermione Granger and she flies the flag high for all of the nerds. I love how much she loves acting and not only was she brilliant in Perks but it just shows that actually, yes, she can be a diverse and brilliant actress, who is such an incredible role model for young girls.

Favourite books:
(I am excluding Harry Potter from this one, but if you want to read why it is my favourite of all time click here)

  • The Hunger Games (series)
Its a crazy popular book for a reason: It has some truly brilliant writing and anything that has such a big franchise as The Hunger Games; deserves to be credited. This series is the type where I can see myself re-reading them for years and years to come. 
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Totally cliché of me I know: However, this book seriously captures the crappy and the good parts of being a teenager and shows the vulnerable experiences of 'teenhood' that we find so hard to describe brilliantly.
  • The Woman in Black
How a book can scare me so very much I will never know however, this book captures your heart in your mouth so brilliantly that you can literally envision the Woman In Black creeping up behind you. (argh, it still sends shivers down my spine) Definitely don't read before bed!
  • Here Come the Girls
A completely harmless, obvious but such a feel good book that whenever I am cheesed off  is one of the first books I pick up off my shelf. If you have been on a cruise before then you will love this book as it is all described so well you can just imagine yourself on the boat with the girls in the story.

Favourite films:
(again excluding Harry Potter)
  • Any and all Disney films
I couldn't name all of my favourites because to be honest I just love them all and so if you put a Disney movie on I will quite happily sit there and watch it. Although my absolute favourites include Tangled, The Lion King, Finding Nemo and Monsters INC.
  • Just Go With It
Yes, its a chick flick and obviously the two main characters fall in love at the end; but with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler in it then you really cant go wrong. It's light hearted and funny and is just a generally good film to watch with anyone.

  • The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror
Another Disney film, but an old one. In fact the ride at Disney is based on this film and I do believe that they used the very same ride as a set (although I could be making that up, I'm not too sure). Anyway, its not scary at all (it is a Disney film after all) but its a film I never tire of watching, my only problem is that I cant find it on DVD anywhere! *sad face*

Although I have only listed three, I am a major movie junkie and will watch probably anything that you sit me down in front of, just hand me some food and I'm set!

Favourite TV shows:
  • Merlin
Possibly and this is a very bold statement but I think Merlin could be my favourite TV show of all time *gasp*. It will come as no surprise to you all of course, but I just simply love it and my love for the characters, plot, actors and the clear affection between the cast both on and off screen is getting slightly ridiculous. (read more about why I like it here in a five series review)

  • Downton Abbey
I simply cannot stress to you how much I love Downton, its one of those shows that should be boring but is so exciting and just amazing that you simply cannot stop watching. I am craving series four extremely badly right now after the cliffhanger on the Christmas episode (which I reviewed here). It is a program for everyone and is only going from strength to strength.

  • Doctor Who
More so the older ones from series one to about series 5, but I am still enjoying the show a lot despite some dodgier ones in the most recent series'. I don't really need to go too much into detail because I'm pretty sure every human in the world has at least seen one episode of it!

  • Call the Midwife
Again, very much the same as with Downton but I really just cant seem to get enough of this kind of show. It really warms my heart and again here is review I have done of the show previously.

So thats it for now, but I will be doing another post shortly on more things that are my favourites (link to follow).

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