Saturday, 20 April 2013

Thoughts on Revision, Boston, Margaret Thatcher, Cardiff City.

As I'm writing this I am fully aware that I should be revising. In all honesty, I shouldn't even be near a computer but I used the excuse I was using Bitesize (which I have open in a tab but I haven't actually looked at anything yet. But I have written a letter and am slowly working on a report for English, so I'm not totally slacking). I'm not sure if I have said this before but I recently asked my mum to put a password on my computer because I have such a bad attention span; put me near a computer with internet access and I'm gone with the wind. Even so, I have found that because my computer has been semi-inaccessible, I have had far less distractions and have done so much more productive revision, I have also found myself using other forms of entertainment other than the internet to fuel my boredom. By doing things such as delegating that Sunday is my baking day or by 6:30 PM I can stop revision and I can read or watch Merlin or Doctor Who for an hour before bed, I've found it works wonders. I suppose its the little things in life that help you through the tough and boring things.

Throughout this revision period I am currently in I have realised that I cannot follow a timetable to save my life. I don't know why, but since I made my revision timetable on the 8th March I have not actually followed a single slot of what I proposed to do. This isn't to say that I haven't done any revision, because I most certainly have, but its almost as if I have purposely not followed it as if to rebel against myself... The logic? Well there isn't any.

I am absolutely dumbfounded by the Boston explosions that happened on the 15/04/13. It seriously makes me worry about the human race and question what has gone so wrong for people to think that things like this are okay. They most certainly are not, any sane human being would agree with me. To bomb people who are running to give aid to those less fortunate and to have their legs blown off or to be killed, it really makes me wonder where the justice in the world is.

Now, don't scream at me and immediately stop reading over this extremely controversial lady. I just want to pay my respects, and despite your own opinions, let the woman rest in peace. RIP.

On a more positive note, Cardiff City football club played against Charlton Athletic last night (16/04/03) and drew 0-0. However, importantly they secured that all important point to get them automatic promotion. Now, I am not a football fan (at least not any more, I was back in the day) but my dad and brother are extremely passionate about the club and it gave me such pleasure to see how excited they were, they arrived home in fits of tears and even now a whole 24 hours later, my dad cant talk about it without tearing up. My family have been fans of the club for several generations and to see them climb up into the ranks is remarkable. My granddad would have been so happy, and it physically pains me to know that he will never see his team play live in premiership, sometimes life is extremely unfair.

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