Thursday, 18 April 2013

A lesson in Tumblr: OTPs and BROTPs

Today, I'm going to go all Tumblr on your ass. For those of you that (have a life) don't have a Tumblr, OTP stands for "one true pairing" and basically means that you ship (want two people/characters to be together more than is considered normal) and Brotp is exactly the same thing, only minus the romance and you just love the friendship of the two characters/people. Being as big of a fangirl as I am I have developed many OTPs and Brotps over time. If you are reading this post and thinking I'm crazy, I'm pretty sure that if you really thought about it you 'ship' people exactly the same as me, you just haven't really thought about it and lead a normal life, where things like this don't really affect your day to day activities....

So to present this to you in the most organised way possible I am going to show you my otps/brotps from each of the fandoms that I am in.

Harry Potter
Romione- Ron and Hermione

Hinny- Harry and Ginny 
(only in the book, the film pairing is just awkward and makes me cringe)

Remus and Tonks

Neville and Luna
Doesn't happen in the books but I love that it does in the film

Ron and Harry

Luna and Harry 

Hermione and Harry

The Hunger Games
Everlark- Katniss and Peeta

Katniss and Gale

Merthur- Merlin and Arthur

Gwen and Arthur

Freya and Merlin 
(yep, it lasts for one episode, but seeing Merlin truly fall in love melts my heart)

Gaius and Merlin

Basically all the knights with each other and with Merlin as well

Johnlock- Sherlock and John

Sherlolly- Sherlock and Molly

Sherlock and Mrs Hudson

Doctor Who
The tenth Doctor and Rose

The eleventh Doctor and Clara

Amy and Rory

The eleventh Doctor and Amy
The tenth Doctor and Donna

The tenth Doctor and Wilf

The tenth Doctor and Sarah-Jane

In real life my ultimate Brotp is Colin Morgan and Bradley James. I love their friendship SO so so much and it makes me incredibly sad that they probably will never act together again. *sad face*

So that's all for now folks, but I hope you enjoyed a small insight to the love that goes on in a fangirl's head.

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