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Doctor Who

After a recent purchase of the first 4 series and the return of Doctor Who back on TV I have decided to make an entire post dedicated to the show. I am going to show you my opinions of the Doctors and their companions but please note although I realise that Doctor Who has been going on for 50 years and there have been other doctors whom I'm sure were fab I haven't actually seen the older episodes so I will only be talking about the 'modern day' Doctor Who starting with....

The 9th Doctor
played by Christopher Eccleston (2005)
When fans talk about this doctor they refer to him as the doctor who was full of 'sass' with his no messing around attitude. His devotion to Rose was clear and although he isn't my favourite doctor he certainly kicked off the new series of the 'modern day' Doctor Who and set the bar (which was reached) for the next person to fill his shoes. 
Rating: 7/10  

The 10th Doctor
played by David Tennant (2005-2010)
Certainly a fans favourite and the longest running doctor so far, Tennant is the best doctor in my opinion and him and Rose were the perfect partnership, I loved that this doctor showed emotion and fantastic acting ability who was able to make you laugh and cry in the space of about two seconds. In my eyes no one will compare to him, and that final episode The End Of Time has defiantly gone down as one of the saddest episodes in TV history. 
Rating: 10/10

The 10th Doctor
Played by Matt Smith (2010-present)
The present doctor has certainly had a huge job to replace David Tennant and I think he has done a wonderful job bringing to the character a new lease of life. My favourite thing about the way Smith portrays the doctor is how one minute he is completely serious and the next minute he is acting like a three year old hyped up on sugar, he's completely bonkers and completely loveable. 
Rating: 8.5/10

And of course none of these doctors ever travelled alone for very long. 

Rose Tyler
played by Billie Piper (2005-2006, appearing again in 2008 for 6 episodes and again in 2010)
Rose is the pairing of the century with the tenth doctor and her final episode 'Doomsday' is also another in the history books for saddest goodbye. She was the original companion and was clearly devoted and irreversibly in love with the doctor however, she didn't fall behind in the doctors shadow and was the most compassionate of the companions in my eyes.
Rating: 10/10 

Martha Jones
played by Freema Agyeman (2006-2008 appearing again in 2010)
My least favourite companion purely because she flirts with the doctor even though he clearly isn't over Rose and when I watch it I am still hung up on Rose and therefore I would have always hated the companion that came next. However, I do think that she is exactly what the doctor needed to help him get over Rose but she will never be able to replace her. 
Rating: 5/10

Donna Nobel 
played by Catherine Tate (2008-2010)
Catherine Tate is surprisingly my favourite companion, I think she is by far the funniest and the most independent she is fiercely loyal but stands up for what she thinks is right. The doctor needed Donna more than he could say as she was someone who was there for him with no romance involved she was just a best friend.
Rating: 10/10

Amy Pond
played by Karen Gillan (2008-2012)
"The girl who waited" I really like Karen as a companion because again she wasn't in it romantically for the doctor because she loved Rory, so I think the doctor sees her as a sister or a best friend someone he can rely on who will be waiting for her. Of course her final episode was not only super scary because the angels are the single most terrifying things (minus the Dorocha in Merlin) but extremely heart wrenching because she finally made her choice between Rory and the Doctor.
Rating: 9/10

Rory Williams
played by Arthur Darvill (2008-2012)
Very much the same as with Amy he is a friend to the doctor and his love for Amy is clearly obvious in the way that he waited 2000 years for her. I think it was good for the doctor to see a real relationship and learn about it through others, it was also interesting to see a male companion.
Rating: 7/10

Clara 'Oswin' Oswald 
played by Jenna-Louise Coleman (2012- present)
Now Jenna has only been in four episodes but her current series is airing as we speak so therefore I am going to reserve my judgement on her until this series is over, however, and I do hope I'm not jinxing myself by saying this but she looks set to be a fantastic companion and maybe a possible love interest for the doctor which he hasn't had for a few years...who knows? (except Moffat) 
Rating: To be decided

So that is my opinion on the main cast of Doctor Who, of course there have been several other minor roles like Wilf and Mickey etc but I'm not going to go into them too far, so for now I will leave you with some pictures found on tumblr of random moments of the previous stated, enjoy!

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