Saturday, 30 March 2013

Meet Merlin and Arthur

Yesterday my parents gave me the best surprise in the world and told me that I was allowed to get two new hamsters. Since the death of George I have always felt sad for Fred as I hate seeing animals on their own (its like seeing the doctor with out a companion, it's just not a nice ordeal) and so I was over the moon when they gave me the go ahead. My dad even brought them himself, so of course I knew straight away what their names were going to be- Merlin and Arthur, there really was no other choice was there? 

Merlin is the darker one and Arthur is the white one (chosen on the hair colours of Colin Morgan and Bradley James who play them in the BBC TV show that ripped out my heart). It is just so lovely having two baby hamsters being all energetic and hyper and even nicer seeing them snuggle together when they go to sleep. 

Anyway, now I'm off to watch Doctor Who, night! 

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