Friday, 12 April 2013

(A few) Favourite fictional characters from TV and FILM

As with reading I watch a lot of TV and films so again I have developed a lot of favourite characters. Finding a TV programme or a film that you love can be somewhat magical, the best will bring you to tears and make you laugh within the space of two seconds.

First up we have Merlin (from Merlin shown on the BBC, 5 series long). Merlin, for me is not only the greatest sorcerer in the world but also the greatest friend in the world; he protects Arthur within an inch of his life and his devotion to him is clear. He is the bravest of all the characters; despite him not having any combat training he is always by Arthur’s side going into battle or on a hunt. He of course has magic at his disposal, but Arthur doesn't know that. In fact Merlin has to keep his true identity hidden until the (completely unspeakable) finale of the show. Imagine trying to keep hold of a secret because if you told someone you’d end up burnt at the stake; but what’s even more amazing is that Merlin didn't not tell Arthur for that reason; he didn't tell him because he didn't want to put Arthur in the position where he would have to choose whether to let Merlin live or kill him should he know his true potential.

Next up is Arthur Pendragon (From Merlin). When Arthur is first shown on the programme, he is shown as an arrogant and spoilt boy whose father is the king: he is a bully and nothing more, but as the series’ continue Arthur blossoms into the fantastic “once and future king of Camelot” that his destiny foretells. He values the kindness and service of everyone in his rule: including the servants, so much so in fact that he marries one. In an episode when Merlin gets kidnapped, Arthur wants to send out a search party for the lost boy, his father (of course) disagrees asking “All this for a serving boy?” but to Arthur people are not just simply classed by their profession or upbringing but by the decency of their character. Also unlike Uther (his father), he admits when he has done wrong and repents for his sins.

Next up is an animated Character from Disney Pixar’s Brave, Meredith. Meredith may possibly be one of my favourite animated characters to come out of modern day Disney. She is brave (….pun unintentional), completely fabulous and Scottish. I love that she stands up for her own right to choose whom she should marry, and she unites all of the lands together again because despite her being a royal, she completely blows all stereotypes of a Disney princess out of the water.

Lady Sybil Crawley from Downton Abbey (ITV, 3 series in total) is another completely fierce woman, with whom I adore. She completely breaks the mould of what her parents expect from her and during the war she goes off and gets the qualifications that she needs to become a nurse and help out in the war effort. She is a revolutionist and huge feminist, she is another strong character that stands up for what she believes in and doesn't believe in stereotypes, she believes in equality and freedom for all. (I can’t believe they killed her off, NOPE I will never get over it).

I also love Sherlock Holmes from BBC's Sherlock because I love the way that he is just insanely clever and can figure anything out about 10 minutes before anyone else has even give the case a thought. I'm not going to lie but a huge reason why I like him so much is that I met Benedict Cumberbatch who plays the famous Holmes. He was so, so nice and friendly that my liking for the Cumberbatch has transpired to liking his character even more.

I really like Rapunzel from Tangled because I love that she is eager to try new things and despite her mother telling her to never leave the tower, she is determined to do so in order to find her dream of seeing the 'floating lights'. I would also very much like a little Pascal, so hand him over, blondie!

Another of my favourite animated fellows, is Peter Pan, simply because I don't want to grow up either! In fact I do sometimes think I am Peter Pan reincarnated in female form.

So that's all for now, I'm sure I will carry on doing these posts as I don't want to bombard you with information and bore you to tears, therefore, I am only showing you a few of my favourites, rather than creating a 25 page long blog post that no one will read.
If you are still interested to see who else I enjoy in the fictional world read my blog post on my favourite fictional characters in books

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