Sunday, 14 April 2013

First World Problems

The phrase or tag 'first world problems' is brilliant in my mind because it is a way of complaining about our minor annoyances and in short make fun of ourselves for doing so by putting the #firstworldproblems at the end of our tweets or posts. In fact I heard it used even off the internet, usually when mocking someone for complaining about some trivial thing. It is of course, okay to get annoyed by the type of things that we class under this trend because it is who we are and the society in which we have been brought up in. Yes, we may not have to worry about not having food on our tables or a roof over our head but it does in no way mean that you cannot point out the irritation of things in the 'first world' going wrong. Some examples of this trend if you are still unsure, go a little something like this....

"urgh, why is my internet going so slow, it's so annoying!"
"I'm waaaaaaaaaaaay to full to eat anything else, wish I'd given that last piece of cake a miss!"
"I'm so poor, I wont be able to go out with my friends this weekend, I'll have to wait until next week"
"my IPhone screen shattered, my life is over"

etc...etc, you get the idea. I just think its quite entertaining and thought it was apt to mention it in a blog post because it is surprising how often I say or think this when people around me complain.

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