Sunday, 10 March 2013

I can only apologise

I can only say sorry for not writing a blog post in almost a week, except I have been extremely busy this week. However here is a catch up of what I have done.

I got my first Easter egg off my brother on Tuesday

I had exam results on Thursday (the less said about that the better, lets just say WJEC probably are not the most popular organisation with teenagers and teachers at this precise moment in time)

My nan brought me loads of cake mixture and ingredients to bake some treats today (I will probably post a blog post once they have been made)

I built a DVD rack- I've built so many things this year 

I started watching Doctor Who series 5 this week- very much enjoying it although I'm not too far in. AND I also started watching Merlin Series 1 again, and it makes me sad knowing what is going to happen but none the less I'm definitely enjoying it more this time around.

And that's about all that has happened this week. Hopefully I will schedule posts so they are not as disjointed... how about once a week on a Saturday or maybe twice a week? You see the problem is, is that I'm not that interesting so I don't have much to say, haha. 

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