Monday, 4 March 2013

Android tablet VS IPad

This seems the big age old question of the technological world and I here to put my penny into the debate. I have owned both of the devices for various amounts of time, along with owning 2 Android tablets and one IPad. 

First of all I am going to discuss the Android tablet, I owned the TABTRONICS 8GB M009S 7" Capacitive Android tablet PC and another one which I cant remember the name of but of a slightly higher price range. I personally think that the Android tablets are slow and on both of my tablets and on a few others that I have used they have all been very prone to freezing in the middle of an action. I dislike the way you cannot put the apps into folders which leaves both the menu and/or the home screen looking cluttered (this could just be me being anal about having things look neat, but still it was a down side to the product). I think that the Android market itself is fine fairly easy to set up an account with Google especially if you already have one and the apps are pretty much up to date and a lot of fun. The major advantage with an Android tablet is the price, you can get fairly decent ones for a fraction of the price you would pay if you were to get an IPad, I also really like that you can get the tablets in all ranges of sizes.
Now, on to the IPad, I have the White Apple IPad Second generation, 16GB 3G. I think that the Apple products can be somewhat annoying with the fact that they bring a new model of Ipad, Ipod or Iphone out nearly every year and although I hesitated for about 2 years claiming that it was just a bigger version of my Ipod touch I held off buying one as I thought I would rather a laptop, however, when my Ipod broke I decided I've waited long enough and brought one, I have not looked back since and yes it is just a bigger version of the Ipod that's obvious but not only can I use it for everything I used the IPod for I can use it for what I use my computer for as well. The app market is great and of course there is an app for everything.The 3G works well and it was super, super easy to set up the IPad itself. The only fault I have with the IPad is of course the price, it is ridiculously high but totally worth it if you're a gadget junkie like myself. I would have mentioned the fact that you can only get it in one size, but of course this is not applicable any more since they released the new IPad mini
So all in all, I am going with the IPad being better, despite the price tag I truly believe you get what you pay for. 
Android tablet- 5/10
IPad- 9/10

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