Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Emma goes travelling. #3 Italy 2012

For my holiday this year I went to Italy more specifically Sorrento in Naples. I've been there several times before and each time I visit I fall more and more in love with the place. Whenever I am in Italy I feel as if I am in a bubble of calmness and sincerity it is the one place that I have been so far that I feel as if I could sit in a bar on the street (these are very common seeing as its so damn hot) and watch the world go by and not feel as if I have wasted any time at all.

The hotel we have stayed at for the past twice we have been here is called Hotel Grand De La Ville and despite it being extremely expensive the staff and the food and pretty much everything about it is completely amazing and therefore makes it one of my most favourite hotels that I've been to.

Mount Vesuvius which fun fact I actually climbed up when I was younger, definitely an experience I wont forget. This was also taken from my balcony so that shows you how much of a fantastic spot the hotel is in, you are in the town centre but still far enough away to feel as if you're in another world completely.

These next few pictures are from Capri which is certainly the bluest place I've ever been to. You are surrounded by history and beautiful scenery constantly. However, if you wanted to shop in Capri get ready to get your check book out because the prices of things are astronomical! For example I was looking at a plain white t-shirt and they wanted 500 euros for it!!!

These next few pictures are from Monte Casino. This was a part of Italy that I had never been to before and so we decided to take a day trip there; it is certainly a day I will never forget and it stick pungently out in my mind. We visited the war memorial graveyard that house the brave men who risked their lives for the sake of our own. More than 16000 soldiers from World War I and over 107000 from World War II, overall 32 nations are buried here. Many of the graves had messages from friends and family, some had "here lies the body of an unknown solider" which is the most horrific thing to think about that despite them bravely fighting and dying they are unnamed and un-mourned over, there were also grave of those who were only 16 years old which is only a few months older than myself. This experience moved me to the point where I truly think about it most days, and if you ever get to visit it please do because it is truly remarkable and it makes you count your blessings that you are safe and away from war

If you would like to learn more about the war memorial then click here for more information 
Rating 9.8/10

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