Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Casual Vacancy- JK Rowling REVIEW

As it may be clear to tell, JK Rowling is one of my ultimate inspirations and Harry Potter is a huge part of my life, so you can only imagine my excitement when she announced she was writing a new book. Of course, I knew it wasn't going to be another instalment of Harry Potter but none the less I was still counting down the days until she finally released a new book. So when the 27th September 2012 arrived and my pre-ordered copy arrived on my front door, I began reading almost immediately. After reading about three chapters I put the book down, I had yet to make a judgement because everyone knows that the first several chapters of a new book are always slow; however, when I had read to roughly halfway I was starting to become extremely disappointed.
            The book is slow, boring and the plot is uninteresting. I didn't feel an ounce of connection towards the characters due to lack of dimension and I just didn't like any of them enough to really care about what they were doing. To be quite honest I didn't even finish the book because it turned into a chore even reading a sentence, so after reading about 75% of the book I gave up.
            I felt that JK Rowling has tried too hard to break away from her connection to children’s literature, I'm not sure why but I feel as if she tried to overdo the amount of language and sexual references, in fact she described one sexual encounter so vividly it left me feeling uncomfortable and just downright creeped out. The book could have been so much better had these pointless encounters and foul language not played such a huge part in the plot.
            I have heard that JK Rowling may venture back into children’s literature next, and despite me not loving this book I will certainly read anything else she writes and continue with my love for Harry Potter, but as for this particular book I wish I’d never bothered. 
rating: 2.5/10

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