Sunday, 17 March 2013

Emma goes travelling. #1 Florida 2009

Over my lifetime I have been on some amazing holidays, and for that I will never be more thankful to my parents for. I've seen some of the most amazing sights in the world, tasted the strangest delicacies, met some completely crazy but amazing people and enjoy the warmest of climates. Due to travelling some place different every year it has increased my love and will for wanting to travel the world. Even my discomfort at flying cannot stop me I love to see what the world has to offer. 
So over the next three days I am going to show you my most recent holidays and show you some of my favourite pictures from them, so excuse the sometimes shoddy picture work but it was taken before we had a really decent camera. 
today I am going to start with 
2009- Florida, Orlando Disney World

Its always great finding a bit of home when you're abroad, this is exactly what my dad found and due to his love for Cardiff City I'm pretty sure this is his favourite photo from the trip.

I'm not sure why this has gone the wrong way around but I'm not sure how to change it

The thought of finally getting to see this after seeing it being built does make me want to do a little weep of joy

My brother and I (At the front) on the log flume as pictured above

again I'm not entirely sure why this has been turned but I think we can blame the Cat in the Hat for this one!

Pirates of the Caribbean ride!

Epcot's firework show is amazing.

So there is a little snapshot from my trip to Disney 4 years ago, looking through these pictures is only increasing my excitement to go back there this year! I swear I just get more and more like a child as I get older and long may it continue! 
This holiday is definitely my favourite holiday as of yet, who knows when it will change.
Rating: 10/10

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