Tuesday, 26 March 2013

On my birthday wishlist

So I know my birthday is in June, but my mum is seriously into forward planning and usually begins asking me around about now, so in preparation for this moment I thought I would piece together a small wish list.

The number one thing I want this year is a small tattoo on my foot. I know many don’t approve of tattoos at a young age then that’s all very well but I personally think that they can take you back to a moment in time when you were younger and have something that impacted you enough to want to get it permanently on your body, this is why it is important to get something that means something to you and not just because all of your friends are getting one (unless it’s something commemorative like a place name of your first holiday without parents etc, which is what my brother did with a few of his friends.)

I would also like a new pair of Hollister tracksuit bottoms as the ones I have at the moment are old and have gone baggy. My favourites are the skinny sweatpants that are about £40, expensive I know but they last a long time and are super comfy. If I were to get them I would get them in a darker colour than the ones in the picture, like the pair that I have now in navy.

I would also really like to have a few t-shirts from my favourite fandoms, such as these ones from Etsy which show off The Hunger Games, Doctor Who and Harry Potter. 

The tshirt links are here, here, here and here

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