Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The best of Youtube #1

One most visited websites is YouTube, I spend a lot of time scrolling through videos and going from each video to the next, sometimes its just pure crap but occasionally I do come across some gems, I thought I would share a few I've enjoyed in the past few days 

Merlin Cast | Man We Love Merlin (dedications)

I found this yesterday when I was two episodes into watching the final series of Merlin and feeling pretty emotional about Merlin and the cast, and this most certainly didn't help it only added to my tears, it's such a cute video.

Daniel Radcliffe: A How-To Guide // Bad Teeth

I found this on the recommended videos (you can only imagine what I'd been watching to get this as a recommended video, haha.) Videos like this always make me fall that little bit extra in love with Daniel Radcliffe and the way he has remained down to earth despite his fame.

I heard this song a week or so ago through my subscriptions (if you're not subscribed to Alex Goot, you are doing life wrong, he is one of my favourite YouTubers for doing covers, and putting the originals to shame) and this cover is no different, it has completely annihilated the original, Taylor Swift take note. 

Passenger - Let Her Go [Official Video]

I found this video because I knew of Passenger through being Ed Sheeran's support act on tour and I often check out his covers, but this song is an original and I love it, there's just something about it that I cant quite put my finger on but it just makes me really happy and the lyrics are brilliant. I suppose there is just something about a well written song that thrills me.

This Wild Life - Puppy Love (Official Music Video, New Acoustic)

I love this song I found it through another YouTube who used it as their background music, but it's a fun song and I have since brought it, really catchy I'd recommend them!

Harry Potter in 99 Seconds

I'm pretty sure every Harry Potter fan has seen this but I think it's always right to include it as its one of my favourites.

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