Sunday, 17 February 2013

My week in pictures.

1.Fred chomping on her treat// chocolate cake// 3. History and French revision *bleurgh*// 4. Merlin series 4 part one and two// 5. Silver Linings Playbook on the Kindle// 6. The Perks of Being a Wallflower DVD// 7. John and Sherlock// 8. Doctor Who series four (sorry about the crappy picture quality) 

Since it was half term I've not done much except watch DVDs and do some revision. I finished Merlin series 3 and have progressed onto series four which is extremely intense- so much so that I screamed so loudly at one point I made my mum jump who was all the downstairs, but oh my gosh it is so good expect a full review on all of the series' once I have finished them all (so within the next month or two). The chocolate cake went down a treat and was finished within a day. Silver Linings Playbook is somewhat boring and hard to get through (again expect a review once I have finished) and also with Perks coming out on DVD this week made me really happy and I have planned a blog post about that which should be up in the next week or so. 

Some of the picture have already been mentioned in blogposts have a look here and here

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