Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My trip to London in the summer

So back in December I made this post listing all of the things that I was looking forward to in 2013. One of the posts on there was that I was going to London, although at the time of the post I didn't quite realise how excited I am for the trip, and here's why...

I am going to see COLIN MORGAN(!!!!!!) in the Tempest at the Globe Theatre which means that I get to see this face in only a matter of months.

and I can't quite tell you how excited that makes me feel, so much so that I have no idea how I am forming coherent sentences. I am hoping to go on one of the few days that the cast will be staying behind for a Q and A session after the play. 

The main reason we are going is so that we can have a break in the summer before our main holiday to Florida in October, but we decided on London after debating with Cornwall or Devon because I have not been to London since I was much younger and can barely remember it, so we are going to visit the landmarks such as Big Ben, Tower of London, London Eye, Houses of Parliament etc

We are also going to go to Madame Tussauds because I have never been, I'm very excited to get a picture next to the Queen and Barack Obama etc, we are also going to visit the museums because my dad is big on history and loves museums. We are also going back to Leavesden Studios again!

So as you can imagine all of this leaves me to absolutely uncontrollable excitement, bring on June/July as I'm not 100% sure when I am going and if they are the final plans but I do know that we will be going for 3/4 days so its a lot to fit in but I am so excited. Who knew so much excitement could be on my front door?!

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