Saturday, 23 February 2013

What's on my mind?

Are you sitting comfortably? Yes? Well lets get ready to take a trip through to my brain, good luck.

Have you ever loved a celebrity so much that you begin to hate them because of the emotional pain or feels that they leave you in? If you answered no, then I am very jealous of your sanity and capability to like something or someone without it effecting your life. If you answered yes, the I feel your pain, trust me I really do. The two people in particular (well more like gods than just people) that just make me loose all concentration and are the people to accuse for my high expectations in men are Colin Morgan and Daniel Radcliffe, those beautiful, beautiful men.
Then we have the fictional side of my brain which includes my believing (and I wholeheartedly believe this) that I am a wizard, I only can't do magic because of the whole not being able to do magic in front of Muggles and its hard because I live with Muggles 24/7, and also I'm not 17 yet so I still have the trace on me. I also spend  a lot more time than I should thinking about ways I could survive in the hunger games should I have the need to and who I would be come allies with, what I would ask my sponsors for and what if I didn't even have any sponsors, what district would I live in? It's just too many derisions to be taken lightly. I also think about what faction I would be in or would I be divergent, would I be able to be like Tris and lose everything I cared about and have to carry on fighting anyway? Where would the doctor take me in the Tardis? Would I be a good companion? What about in the time of Arthurian legends, would I be a sorcer like merlin or a noble/royal like Arthur and Morgana or would I be a servant like Gwen?

The I have what I like to call the sensible part of my brain that thinks about matters such as school, university's, my future, exams it tells me I should be revising or doing homework (only to be ignored by another part of the brain) I should be eating healthier and doing more exercise  I should be more social and try to come out of my shell a bit. Oh you look fine today stop fussing about what people think, that kind of thing.
However, in contrast of the previous part of the brain I have my devil side that thinks oh you have plenty of time to do that homework piece leave it until last minute, ah it's ageeeees until exams don't start revising you'll have enough time to do that in study leave. Have some cake you can exercise tomorrow, it's fine you're not overweight so you don't need to worry. What the heck is going on with your face today you look like a tramp. You get the idea that part of your brain that every girl has and tends to listen to more than the sensible part.
Then I have a part of my brain that is extremely anti social and tends to be activated primarily when I'm in school, the part of me that just wants to destroy everyone just for breathing too near me or for speaking or just being there, it's for the type of people in school who are destined to fail and you just have no time for.
I then have the part which completely overrides everything especially in school which makes me think I am listening and taking in what teachers are saying when in actual fact I am making up fantasy scenarios, or thinking about what I'm going to do when I go home and end up literally having no clue what I'm doing when it comes to doing work and ends up making me seem like I am deficient. Along with this I also have the part that remembers seriously annoying song lyrics (call me maybe is a prime example of this) and makes it stick in my head all day leading me to driving everyone crazy with my constant humming.

*phew* I could go on forever, but I will stop now before you think I'm so crazy you'll never return again.

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