Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Perks of Being a Wallflower: the book and film

When I hear that one of my favourite book is being adapted into a film I am always somewhat hesitant; I mean I can be pretty much sure that I will enjoy it because the basic storyline would be the same but the way in which the directors or actors portray it in most cases always leaves me disappointed and left with improvements they could have made. So when Perks was announced that it was to be made into a film I was  anxious to see how they would capture such a personal book on the big screen. However, I was left pleasantly surprised after watching it for the first time in the opening weekend of the arrival at cinemas, I laughed in all of the places I did in the book and cried in all of the places that affected me so much so in the novel as well. Of course with the director being the author of the book Stephen Chbosky, I was sure that he would make sure the film did the book justice, because of the success of the film it makes me wonder why more authors who's books are being adapted don't take on the role of director?

The only qualms I have about the film, as much as it saddens me to say is that I wasn't a huge fan on Emma Watson's accent she put on, I know she's British and had to put on an American accent but it just didn't sound right and distracted me from her performance which apart from the shoddy accent was brilliant. Ezra Miller and Logan Lerman have since become two of my favourite actors as they played an amazing part in the film, and in all fairness they all took on the roles of the characters we have grown to love and completely embodied them.
definitely recommend you read the book first and then see the characters come alive on the big screen.

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