Saturday, 2 February 2013

January Favourites!


My ultimate favourite this month- I just started watching it this month and in the past two weeks I have progressed on to series 3, only I haven't been able to get much further because of school, but you can be sure that as soon as I have a moment to spare I will be watching it again, because it is great! If you haven't watched it because you think its not really up your street, watch it anyway because I thought that and now look what has happened!

Colin Morgan and Bradley James

So in short of loving Merlin, I have also discovered two new celebrities with whom I have become obsessed with, more so their friendship, its brilliant and you can genuinely see that they are brilliant friends and it makes me sad to think they probably will never film together again. Also its not so bad that they are both very good looking! 

Watch this video here to get an idea of what I'm talking about! (there's about 13 videos in all, but all extremely funny)

Doctor Who

Interestingly enough I never thought that Doctor Who would ever be in my favourites but alas it is. I've been really enjoying watching all of the old episodes and even watching some of the newer ones with Matt Smith who I am very slowly but surely becoming to love like the majority of the fan base on Tumblr, however, I will always be a David Tennant fan and I doubt that will change very quickly, but who knows my Doctor Who favourite pairing might change from Tennant and Rose to Smith and Clara the new companion... but lets not get too ahead of ourselves! 
Buying new books

 January is traditionally the month where the adults are saving and the children are spending, well in my defence I haven't spent that much only on books, I love the thrill of getting new books and even love the process of choosing them, reading reviews and waiting for it to arrive (I know, I know, I am one wild teenager.) If you would like to see what books I did purchase then click here I also brought Harry Potter Film Wizardary as well but that is not in the list as I got it a bit later on.

Getting an A in physics 

I had my interm report on Wednesday where my school give you a list with all of your subjects and your current grades and attainment levels and I am usually disappointed (Mainly because I am really hard on myself, I'm not one to give myself a pat on the back very often) however, saying that I was really pleased this time around because I somehow managed to get an A in Physics which traditionally many call the hardest subject so I was pretty impressed with myself, and also pleased with the fact that all of the grades I am currently at are all beating my predicted grades! Bring on GCSEs in the summer I say!


A very strange favourite as everybody dreams every single day, in fact did you know you only actually remember 40% of your dreams despite the fact that when you're asleep you are constantly in dreamland? Well anyway this month I have been taking more of a notice of my dreams and they have kept me wholly entertained in the boredom of my maths lessons!

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