Friday, 8 February 2013

Disney Wishlist

Every time that I go to Cardiff I always have to go into the Disney shop, I wouldn't be lying if I said that it was one of my favourite shops, I will always be a child when it comes to anything with Disney and hence why my family always refer to me as having a 'Peter Pan personality.' In October I am going to Florida for the fifth time and if I'm honest I think I'm more excited this time around than I have ever been before, so beware around September/October time there will be a lot of Disney references and Disney posts, I'm not even sorry. Anyway, because of the fact that I am going to actual Disneyworld I have put a strict ban on buying anything Disney in this country (although I accept gifts *hint, hint*) so to give me some satisfaction I am going to create a wishlist of all things Disney. 

 Kermit 45cm Soft Toy


Mickey Mouse Big Face Cushion


Cuddling Mickey and Minnie Mouse 20cm Mini Bean Bag


Nemo Mini Bean Bag


Pluto 20cm Mini Bean Bag


Stitch Mini Beanbag Soft Toy


Out of all of those things I think I would most like the little Stitch or Kermit! Oh the joys of Disney!
All items can be found on, happy shopping!

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