Sunday, 6 January 2013

The curse of being a teenager

This Christmas holidays should have seen me spending the majority of my free time revising for my upcoming examinations (English Language and ICT) however, being a normal teenager like myself, I completely ignored that and left everything until the very last day before I go back. This wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have a maths booklet (which I don't even have, but he will still some how expect me to do) due in tomorrow that would usually take me about a week to complete, an English Language exam on Thursday which I have't revised for since I broke up from school two weeks ago and have since completely forgotten what techniques I have to use to answer the questions, and my ICT exam is next Tuesday which I literally haven't even picked up a book for, I also have other homework (probably but I cannot will myself to go and have a look, because if I see it I will have to do it, so I'm playing innocent). But yet despite knowing I have all of this to do I still refuse to except responsibilities and am instead reading blogs and looking through Tumblr and writing this completely pointless blog post, WHY do teenagers do this? I am one myself and I could not tell you the answer for anything (probably because I would be too lazy to tell you, even if I knew.)
Anyway I am off to pretend I am really doing my school work whilst doing everything I shouldn't be doing. Have a lovely day (And if you have no homework/work/revision I envy you with all of my heart)

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