Monday, 7 January 2013

Fandoms- The good and the bad

I personally think that fandoms are brilliant in most cases and I think this because it allows you to see things that other people have noticed that you may not have (e.g. Sherlock death theories). You can also meet like minded people who enjoy the same things as you and in result of this you can become really good friends with people, my friend Molly is a prime example of this; she has met loads of people through one of her interests (which happens to be The Wanted) and through not only concerts but also just through following people on twitter she has met people who she would consider to be her best friends and that is because they were all brought together by one common denominator. Being in a fandom also allows you to basically make the most out of everything your specific interest whether it be a film, TV show, music or book or even just an actor/actress, through pictures, gifs, videos or just interviews. It is generally a positive and happy place.

However, people need to learn to draw the line especially, when people start hurting themselves because of something your favourite singer or actor has done, people need to learn that just because they have done something that you wouldn't have done and may have been stupid it is their life and not yours, even if you may love them just remember you don't actually know them and so to damage yourself just because they have taken drugs for example (Justin Bieber I'm looking at you, naughty boy) it makes no difference, you are only a fan of how much of them they want you to see, YOU DO NOT KNOW THEM AND YOU NEVER WILL, so DO NOT damage your life because of them, they will not thank you for it.  

*This post was inspired when I saw the trend on Twitter "CutForBieber" I'm sorry but this is absolutely disgusting and whoever thought of it should be ashamed, you are telling young girls (and boys) that it's okay to cut themselves because of something that Justin Bieber has done. Grow up and understand that there is a line and you have crossed it.*

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