Wednesday, 30 January 2013


This may be a strange topic to talk about but I wanted to talk about a program or an app (seeing as you can now get it for phones and Ipads) I found when I was on Tumblr,  I have been using it now for about 7 months and felt that it was about time I told somebody about it. This program is called F.Lux you can get it here it is seriously amazing! If you spend a lot of time on the computer especially at night then you may notice that you get eye strain or huge headaches, at least I defiantly do (this also may have been a contribution to why I have to wear glasses when I get tired and feel my eyes strain) this program basically coincides with the time of the day, so as the sun sets your screen to gets darker and therefore it is not putting as much pressure on your eyes, but don't worry you're not sat in complete darkness and you can turn it off at any time you feel like it, but I think its a really good program to have and you barely even notice the screen dimming because it is so gradual.
I'd give this program a 9.5/10

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