Thursday, 31 January 2013

Trying to put into words my love for Harry Potter

For my English presentation I have decided to do it on Harry Potter, however, trying to put in to words how much you love something is hard. None the less I think I have started (or at least tried to) to put my thoughts on to paper (or in this case a word document.) This is is in no way finished and barely even a beginning but its something and I thought I would share it.

The books are primarily about an orphaned boy with a lightning shaped scar on his forehead has to deal with the pressure of a prophesy set before he was born and trying to find the ways of destroying evil or else the Wizarding world would be under the power of the darkest wizard of all time, Voldemort or He Who Must Not Be Named; the books show Harry growing up in a Wizarding school name Hogwarts where he meets his best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger and his future wife Ginny Weasley, his faithful friends Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, Dean and Seamus, Fred and George and the entirety or the Order of the Phoenix modern day answer of Dumbledore's Army. He gets taught by Professor McGonagall, Severus Snape, Remus Lupin and many others, he also finds a father figure in the shape of Albus Dumbledore and in GodFather Sirius Black, he also finds family comfort in the Weasley family who take him in as if he were their own. But he also learns that evil can take any form even in the place that you think you are the most safe people like Dolores Umbridge who will sneak in and create havoc, and that people are not all they seem and may not be an enemy but someone who will protect you in the duty of love, like Severus Snape did for the entirety of Harry's duration at Hogwarts and long before hand. All the while, Harry has to continue on with his studies of becoming a wizard and partaking in subjects such as a 'History of Magic', 'Transfiguration','Potions' and 'Divination' just to name a few. 

The books are essentially a plot of good versus evil, but also shows love and friendship is what essentially conquers all; it also explores diversity with the issue tackled for example, by the Malfoy family being ‘racist’ by thinking that Pureblood wizards are the best and should be treated better than those of Half Blood and especially of Muggle Born (wizards with non-magical parents) heritage, and she also shows that bigotory is never the solution and she shows the impact of living in a world where it is run by those who discriminate on your blood and heritage not on your own personal values and merits, by showing this when the Death Eaters took over the ministry and made all Muggle born wizards declare themselves and be stripped of the right of being able to use their wands. 

Death is a huge part of the series and shows the brutality and loss of innocence that come along with war, it also shows the mark that death and war brings and that even the survivors of war are never really untainted, JK Rowling shows this through Snape loving Lily and doing what ever he can to protect her son despite Lily never really being his love and even though Harry was a son of his school enemy he protected him because of the eternal love he had for Lily. The books show the importance of community and pulling together even when times are tough and finding the light in every situation. JK Rowling shows the handling of power and the problems that come along with it and the need for redemption and a happy ending

So I think that's all for now before I start quaffling (haha, see what I did there;-) I'm sorry I'm not good at jokes) but I could honestly go on forever, and ever talking about my love for Harry Potter. Long live Harry Potter, "Always"

Here's a nice song to make you cry, you're very welcome.

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