Friday, 21 December 2012

Top 5 Disney Films

Disney is one of those things that you can pretty much stake your life on that everyone (sometimes very deep down) loves a good old Disney film. I for one adore Disney and have been to Florida Disneyworld about four or five times and am due to be going back in October 2013(SO EXCITED!!!), and to be perfectly honest my parents enjoy it just as much as me and they have made the trip about seven or eight times, in result of this our entire house is covered with Disney items, whether its in clothing forms, stuffed animals, stationary, you name it and we will probably have something with Disney on it. So its safe to say that we are all obsessed with Disney and this creates a very tough decision of choosing my top five Disney films (including Pixar) but I will do my very best. 
(In no particular order)

 Tangled, is a recently new creation from Disney but that doesn't make it any less amazing. I personally think that this film is very much like the good old original Disney films, that aren't over computerised and are 'sticking to its roots' shall we say. If you have not seen Tangled, then I certainly recommend it as its not just one of my favourite Disney films but one of my all time favourite films, it will have you laughing, crying and  feeling toughly heart-warmed.

Snow White
Snow White, is one of the oldest creations from Disney, so I'm pretty sure you can call it a classic this is definitely a childhood favourite, although I am yet to buy it on DVD I have it on VHS. Even though I remember it being my favourite and I even had a little Snow White dressing up dress I would always be too terrified to watch alone because the horrible witch used to scare the living daylights out of me! (in fact she still scares me a bit even now) 

The Lion King
I'm pretty sure that this Disney film would make it in to anyone's top 5 Disney films as its a worldwide favourite amongst everyone. They recently re-released this film (last year, I think?) and of course I had to go and see it in the cinema and it just never ceases to amaze me. I also recently went to see the musical of The Lion King in the Bristol Hippodrome and it was fantastic! 

Monsters INC

Monsters Inc is not everyone's favourite but I absolutely love it. It makes me giggle and feel genuinely happy, its definitely a pick me up film and was one of the first DVD's that I brought in a bid to build up my Disney film collection again.

and finally....

Peter Pan
Peter Pan, is also an all time classic film that everyone has heard of and many old dear to their hearts, I for one definitely follow Peter because I don't want to grow up either! Not only do I love the cartoon but I also love the 'human' adaptation of it as well, (not just because Jeremy Sumpter was my 'childhood' crush) both version again make me cry and laugh, but I'm beginning to think after writing all of this down, that this was Walt Disney's initial plan- to make you go through a roller coaster of emotions.

But remember, you are NEVER too old for a Disney film!

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