Saturday, 22 December 2012

Things that make me happy

In no particular order....

Holidays in general
Watching harry potter movies
Taking photographs
My family
My hamster
When my hair turns out nice
Having no homework
Wearing fuzzy pyjamas or new pyjamas
When a bun turns out perfect
When I get the first bus home from school
Daniel Radcliffe
Ed Sheeran
Harry Potter books/THG book (which incidentally also make me very sad)
No commercials on the radio
Travelling to new places
When my ipod plays the perfect sequence of songs
Actually having plans with people who you really care about
Saying in with my family
New socks which have a crazy pattern on them (simple things in life)
Finding a new programme/film/book that you absolutely love
When people remember small things you told them
Harry potter books will make me happy until the day I die
Re-reading books from my childhood
Just books books books
Staying in with friends and watching horror films and eating lots of food
Giving a gift that someone has wanted for ages, or is a complete surprise to them
Christmas lights
Having good exam or test results when you thought you had failed
Having friendly 'banter' with friends
Late night conversations with friends about anything and everything
When you spontaneously burst out laughing when you remember something that had happened ages ago.

Now that is the end or at least all I can think of for now.

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