Monday, 31 December 2012

Doctor Who Christmas Special Review

I thought that the Doctor who Christmas special was pleasantly refreshing. I have recently gone off doctor who and have barely watched the episodes with Matt smith in them, I think purely because I loved David Tennant as the Doctor and couldn’t picture anyone else playing him, but I think I may have judged to harshly.
My friend Molly had been raving to me at how excited she was for the Christmas special so I thought I would give it a go and watched it with my completely obsessed cousin, and I was pretty impressed, I think that the new companion played by Jenna Louise Coleman is a breath of fresh air in the show and will bring something that has in my mind been lacking. I think that it will bring something back to the show that fans haven’t seen since the tenth doctor and Rose. I am interested to see how the relationship between Clara and the doctor develops
The storyline had you think but not to the point where you didn't have a clue what was going on, which I felt has let the show down in the recent series'. However, I thought that the snowmen were not scary at least not to the calibre that Doctor Who used to do (Angels anyone)  and I don't think that the way that they were destroyed was very well developed as it only showed the family crying helped it which was in my opinion rushed and unimaginative .
However, all things taken into consideration, I thought that the script was light-hearted, humorous and all the fun and mystery that comes with a doctor who episode it defiantly reminisced the ‘good old days’ of Doctor Who, and I for one will definitely be watching the new series when it airs if it carries on the way that this episode has promised.

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