Monday, 31 December 2012

Downton Abbey Christmas Special Review

Downton abbey Christmas special was somewhat disappointing compared to last year’s Christmas special, now bear in mind I am saying this as a massive fan of the programme but I wouldn't say I thought the programme was bad just lacking.
               Of course the end of the programme was horrible with Matthews death (now I do know that it was Dan Stevens fault for not wanting to stay on for a fourth series but) I felt that killing him off was an obvious and depressing end to a Christmas special that was a complete contrast to his storyline last year of him proposing to Mary, I felt that his death lacked emotion and was anti-climactic as it was obvious what was going to happen, it lacked integrity. I am however, anxious to see how Mary will cope next series with a new baby and the death of her newlywed husband I think it could be interesting to see how she handles the pressures and it wouldn’t surprise me if she gets closer to Tom Branson because he has obviously just gone through the same thing with Lady Sybil.
               Personally I felt that having another new parent die so soon after the birth of their first child was too repetitive, when it was first done with Lady Sybil it showed great emotion and heartbreak, however I think that Matthews death was predictable and unemotional which is unfair considering Matthew is such a brilliant character and one that will be sorely missed, I wish that they had thought of another way that he could have left the show, but still left it open if he ever wished to return. I think that the Downton writers missed what could have been an even more heart-wrenching exit than Lady Sybil's but copped out and used a plot that had already been used earlier in the same series.
               Despite all of this I wouldn't want you to believe that I didn't enjoy the episode because I defiantly did I was just upset because I didn't like that they had finally given complete happiness to Mary only to have everything taken away from her 5 minutes later, I wish that they could had given her at least another series of happiness.
               I think that due to the death of Matthew, series four will result in Edith coming into her own and not so much walking in her older sisters footsteps which could be interesting if done correctly. I think she will defiantly develop her new relationship with the journalist and hopefully she will find the happiness she so sorely craves.
               I also believe that Rose will become a more poignant character and to this, I’m not sure how I feel, I think that the writers are trying to find someone now to fill the huge void that Lady Sybil and Matthew will cause, and I’m not entirely certain Rose is the right way to go about this. 
               I felt that the way the writers showed the staff of Downton was done really well and I especially enjoyed Mrs Patmore’s brief swing with romance.
               All in all, I am very intreged to see how the family deal with Matthews death, how Rose will fit into the show, Edith’s new found confidence and of course, Mr and Mrs Bates relationship blooming as ever. 

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