Monday, 29 September 2014

BOOKS ARE MY BAG: My Favourite Bookshop

On Thursday 9th October 2014, the fantastic Books Are My Bag campaign is relaunching after its very successful campaign last year. If you are not aware of what BAMB is, then in short it is a campaign to help support bookshops and specifically independent bookshops.

A bookshop for me is my happy place, it is where I go when I am stressed and overwhelmed, it is a place of escapism and solace. Unfortunately where I live there is (to my knowledge) NO independent bookshops. That's right there isn't a single one. This is upsetting and very worrying, there used to be plenty but because of financial issues they have all closed down and been replaced with chain brands. It makes me wonder that if a campaign like BAMB was around when these shops were in difficulty if they would have shut down...

Anyway, Books Are My Bag have teamed up with BookBridgr to get bloggers to talk about their favourite bookshop. My favourite bookshop is Waterstones, Cardiff. The Cardiff branch is the nearest branch to me and it is pretty large and stacked full of books, whilst the YA section isn't that fantastic, the fantasy, classics and graphic novel sections are phenomenal. I love, love, love to spend my time browsing the shelves and have been known to be there for several hours. I can almost never go in to that bookshop without making a purchase.

So that's my favourite bookshop, but what is yours? Is there any independent bookshops where you live?

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