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Alysha Kaye is an independent author who is the debut author of The Waiting Room. She teaches English in between being a writer in Austin, Texas. Here is what she had to say about her book, life and tacos.


Tell me a little bit about your book 'The Waiting Room' and why you think people should buy it. 
The Waiting Room isn't your typical romance there is a huge emphasis on the possibilities of the afterlife and the philosophies/beliefs that go hand in hand with that. If you've ever asked yourself, "What happens after we die?" then this novel is for you!

What was your inspiration for writing 'the Waiting Room'? 
I had an amazing dream! I was standing in a room that looked so much like an airport terminal, but I somehow knew that I was in fact dead. I was staring out huge windows, watching my boyfriend and family mourn me. A receptionist was calling names and those people were walking through a side door. I just stood, waiting. That's when I woke up and had to start writing!

Do you think that being an English teacher helps with writing? (e.g Do you find yourself analysing your book as if you would in a class?) 
I finished the novel before I became a teacher, but I wish I could go back in time and use the knowledge that I now have! With my next novel, I'll definitely be utilising some of my "teacher skills" haha

What is more rewarding writing or teaching? 
Oh wow, what a great question! They are both soooo fulfilling for me, in such different ways. Teaching is rewarding on a daily basis- every time I see a lightbulb go off in a kid's brain, I'm reminded why I love what I do. Being able to interact with teenagers and actually have an effect on their education is... amazing. Writing is more of a once-in-a-blue-moon type of reward. Anytime I get an unexpected review on Amazon, for example! Most of the time, though, writing is a bit of a self-loathing process haha you have to remind yourself why you write. Whereas, when I teach, the kids remind me why I teach--I don't have to remind myself!

What are your favourite books? What are your most anticipated releases for 2014? 
Oh gosh. Can I just link my Goodreads? Haha. Right now, I'm REALLY into The Lunar Chronicles series. I can't wait for the fourth instalment to be released!!!

Apart from being a lover of the written word is there anything else that you love? 
I'm extremely obsessed with these things: WordPress, breakfast tacos (come to Austin, TX and I'll take you on a taco tour), Netflix, and Cards Against Humanity.

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