Tuesday, 8 October 2013

My dream table

If you could invite any five people past or present to sit at your diner table, who would you pick and why?

1.JK Rowling
My first invite would have to go to JK Rowling, with out a doubt, she is probably my biggest hero. She is a modern day rags to riches story, she went from being almost in poverty to being the first ever billionaire author. She not only wrote a series of books that completely changed my life It taught children and adults alike about good and evil, love and the values of being a good human being along with so many other invaluable life lessons. Apart from that though the amount of charity work that she has done is insane. Despite the fact that as I previously mentioned she was the first author billionaire, she has given away so much money that she is now down to being a millionaire, if that doesn't spell a wonderful human being then I really don't know what else does. She has also completely changed the way children (and adults) perceive literature, she has got children reading in a way no other modern day author has done.

2. Maggie Smith
Maggie Smith is one of my favourite actors, not only is she incredibly badass, I mean she's 87 and still going strong and stealing every single scene that she is in but she continued to film Harry Potter despite the fact that she had breast cancer all because she didn't want to let anyone down. I feel like she would be up for a good laugh and I would just absolutely love to see her in the flesh even just for a fleeting glance.

3. Colin Morgan
Colin Morgan is my favourite male actor. When I saw him in the summer it was amazing, he is captivating when he is on stage and completely embodies the role that he takes on and you forget that you are watching Colin Morgan but envision the character he is preforming as. He was also extremely nice and modest when I met him after the show, he seems to have so much time for his fans and that to me is something that really needs to be valued more.

4. Margaret Thatcher
She is a slightly controversial person to invite to a tea party but that is exactly why I wanted to invite her. I want to find out from her account of what she was up to when she was prime minister, lets face it she is a very remarkable character in British history and even if you like her or you don't no one can take away from the fact she was the first woman prime minister that Britain has had and thats something pretty interesting. I'd like to find out if she really is quite as much of an iron lady as she is preceived to be.

5. Winston Churchill
Of course I had to invite an extremely poignant figure in British politics, this man is an absolute hero to any Briton. He guided Britain through the Second World War and his speeches are ones that you cannot forget, he was the voice of the war. I think it would be ridiculously interesting to have him at my tea party because I would just be fascinated to hear his stories about the war and how it felt to run a country at a time of such misery.

Quite a random bunch, but if I was being totally greedy I would also invite a few more

6. Alex Vlahos
When I met him at Comic Con he was so nice and I just would love to get to have a longer conversation with him.
7. The Queen
She is an absolutely amazing amabasdor for Britain, I mean shes 80 odd and still going strong with no signs of slowing down any time soon.
8. Prince Charles
I find him really funny I'm not sure why but for a royal he's pretty down to earth and I think all he's done for charities like the Prince's Trust is amazing.
9. Barack Obama
He would be a pretty amazing character to have a tea party, he's an extremely likeable guy and of course being the first black president is something amazing.
10. Jennifer Lawrence 
Who wouldn't want to have Jennifer Lawrence at a dinner party? She is one of my favourite people in Hollywood, she's ridiculously down to earth despite her success and I would love to meet her.

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