Friday, 9 August 2013

The Tempest and meeting Colin Morgan!

On August 6th 2013, I went to London with my family for a few days. The reasoning behind this was because I brought tickets to go and see Colin Morgan in the Tempest on the 7th, we live in Wales and so its not really easy to just go down for the show and come back. I have been excited for this day since buying the tickets at the very beginning of this year, I held on to the hope that even if I couldn't meet him I would still be able to see him in the play.

I am not a Shakespeare lover and so I didn't really know what to expect, I did have misconceptions that it would be dull, boring and lifeless however, in retrospect I couldn't have been more wrong. It was actually hilarious and very interactive. The cast were amazing and interacted with the audience whilst still staying very much in character. However, the star of the show for me was obviously Colin Morgan: he was breath taking; not just because he is obviously ridiculously attractive but his acting is absolutely mesmerising. He has said that he trained in parkour for the role of Ariel and he was swinging around on the stage with such ease that you thought he was walking down the road. He was literally swinging around the walls, steps and stage. There was a moment where he sat on a rock literally about a metre away from me (I think I died slightly). As for the actual play I was very impressed and I wouldn't rule out seeing another one. The only downside was that I stood up in the gallery which killed my legs but when you're there you get too wrapped up to really notice; its only when you try walking afterwards it becomes a bit of a problem.

After the play I rushed out with my mum to get to the stage door. There was absolutely loads of people there on the 7th and so we went behind a barrier because there was probably about 90 people there, I was lucky enough to get right at the front and so had an amazing view. When he came out everyone was fairly respectful and there wasn't too much pushing. As for Colin himself, he was everything I expected and more: he was so modest, happy and kind. He must have been there for a good half an hour trying to sign everything, and he basically got round to everyone and if he didn't sign something he at least acknowledged them. He signed two things for me and I managed to even speak to him, I told him that he was amazing and was wicked in the play and he looked me in the eye, smiled and said thank you it meant a lot(!!!!!). Then I asked him if he could sign the programme as well as the ticket and he said yeah sure.

It may not seem like a lot but it honestly has made my entire year, despite the fact that he had just done a three hour show he still came out to meet his fans and was happy and so lovely. It's honestly so refreshing and I know I am waffling on now but my opinion of him has gone so high right now that its sky high. Also you should probably spare a thought for my family and friends because I don't see myself shuting up about this little escapade any time soon!


  1. I also met Colin last year at SDCC 2012. I met him as he was coming into a rest room. We spoke about me being from Boston and him having relatives (a Brother) who lived in Boston also.
    I told him he was a teriffic actor and he acknowleged with a thank you. He's a wonderful guy who takes the time to speak to his fans.

    1. Oh wow! (first off how lucky are you to have gone to SDCC I'm so jealous!!!) and I know its so brilliant to see how much he loves the fans and makes time for them!