Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Welcome back- royal baby, heatwave and excuses.

I know that my posting has been pretty slacking and when I have posted it is relatively small posts.

That is for several reasons but the first and most important one is that, to be honest I didn’t really have anything to write about. I couldn’t review anything because I hadn’t watched anything new, I hadn’t read anything new because ever since exams my brain has almost shut off from any kind of reading and is only slowing getting back into it now, a month later.

Also, as I’m sure you will know if you live in the UK or seen it on the internet with all of us Brits complaining, but we have had a heatwave and to be honest instead of being on a computer I’ve been in front of a fan with an ice lolly. Something that I did get from reading Tumblr is that people from other countries when it comes to weather are the most obnoxious people ever. To be perfectly honest America, I don’t care if you have it hotter than we have in our heatwave and you cope, because you try dealing with it with no air conditioning and nothing in place for hot weather, because after all we are the land that rains a lot. Also our UV rays from the sun are far stronger than most places and therefore it makes it seem way hotter than what it actually is, so whilst it may be reading 28C really its about 31C. Which yes is still colder than where you are, but shut up. You are used to hot weather we are not and its as simple as that. I have come to the conclusion that Britain is not ready for any kind of weather, we completely fall to pieces when anything out of the ordinary happens- like when it snowed at the start of the year and the whole country shut down well it’s exactly the same with the sun.

Anyway that turned into more of a rant than I anticipated but hay ho. Basically what I am trying to say is that I have several new posts lined up including reviews and possibly even a Merlin fanfiction that I wrote, but I’m still unsure if I want to post that or not. 

Also as a side note, unless you are living under a rock and do not know this, Prince William and Kate Middleton have had their first baby, a baby boy, yet to be named and will be third in line to the throne. The entire country has gone mad about it and apparently so has the rest of the world, in way I am glad that I haven’t had any internet access because I have been down my Nans for a few days, apart from twitter because I would have gone mad with it being the only thing anyone is talking about. None the less CONGRATULATIONS. It must be pretty crazy being a baby and every single person in the world knowing who you are, also imagine calling the Queen, Nan/Grandma, that would be pretty weird would it not? Oh and I've just been told he's called George, which is a lovely name: welcome to the world George. Also how amazing does Kate look regardless to just having given birth? 

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