Friday, 12 July 2013

Top 5 Doctor Who Monsters/Creatures

Over the past 50 years, Doctor Who has seen some pretty magnificent (and some not so great) creatures. With the help of my new Doctor Who Encyclopedia I am going to look through my top five favourite monsters from the new era of Who (2005 onwards).

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My ultimate favourite monster is possibly the scariest creature in Who history. These are of course The Weeping Angels, first appearing in the episode Blink with Sally Sparrow. They can only move when you are not watching them: which in my opinion makes them so much more scary than something that the Doctor can defeat with force, because you simply cannot defeat it, at least not simply. To destroy them you have to get them to look at each other (like the Doctor did in Blink) that way something is always looking at them and they turn to stone.

My second favourite are the Daleks because they have been in Doctor Who history for the entire 50 years: they are possibly the Doctors greatest enemy.  They have changed throughout the years and have developed new traits, for example, they can fly/hover now whereas in the older series of Who they could not. The Daleks are possibly the most famous of monsters and the first thing that most people (other than the TARDIS and the Doctor himself) relate to Doctor Who.

Next up are the Cybermen. They appeared in series 4 in 1966 and most recently in Nightmare in Silver which in my opinion was an extremely weak storyline (but thats a story for another day). All of their humanity is taken away from them and their key aim is to upgrade everyone whom they seem weak.

Next is Vashta Nerada, their first and last appearance was in series 4 (of the new era). I find them extremely scary because you cant escape them, the follow you around and lurk in the shadows and feast on your soul. I also find the episodes Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead so strange, they kind of trip your brain out a little bit.

The last on my list are (and I'm going to count these together) are Madame Vastra and Strax who are from the Silurian and Sontaran race, they along with Jenny, are great friends to the Doctor and help him out a lot in The Snowmen Christmas episode and in series 7: they are a pretty badass trio.

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