Thursday, 4 July 2013

Doctor Who Experience

Today my Dad took me to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff Bay; I'd been wanting to go for absolutely ages and it certainly didn't disappoint! The interactive part just before you go into the museum section of the Experience was pretty good. It's definitely got some of its ideas from America and their type of attractions but for the younger children I am pretty sure that this part of the experience would be their favourite. I even got to fly the TARDIS which I'm not sure many people could say!

After the interactive part of the tour you go into the museum part where they have all sorts of amazing WHO related props, outfits and models. I've compiled some of the photos I took into small collages because other wise this post would go on forever!
"Don't Blink" 
The Weeping Angels



The First to the Tenth Doctors outfits

Various monsters/creatures

The Eleventh Doctor and the various TARDIS'

A Doctor is nothing without his trusty companions

I of course couldn't go to a Doctor Who exhibition without making some purchases and so I brought a small Dalek to put on my bookshelf (well, after I've stopped being a five-year-old and playing with it), a small Cyberman (which was only a £1 in one of those little machine things), a fridge magnet for my dad and a TARDIS poster.

If you are ever in the area and you are a Doctor Who fan, I strongly recommend you take a visit, its well worth it!

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  1. Great photos! Isn't it the coolest place ever!!
    I, too, bought things! I got one of those little 1 pound ones too, except I got a tiny Matt Smith. Haha.